My Bruvs

Daruz Kei, this is the picture that I have mentioned to you which was taken in my graduation day in my former school, Sultan Alam Shah Islamic College, and I edited it. From left is Akif, Qutham Akif, me, Azri and Aiman.

Usually, most people will treat their juniors really like a junior but I never did that in my schooling days. For me they are the parts of my life, I mean like my own brother. And the closest brothers are they.

We are really close like siblings. We always did activities together like mingle around, eat our meals, fast, break fast, go out for outing ect.

And now, I miss all of them especially Aiman as we do not meet nearly a year. I have tried to have a visit to his house but I have failed. Actually, Aiman transferred to his former school last year which gave a big impact to my life. However it is, I got chances to meet Akif, Qutham Akif and Azri a few times this year.

What can I say here is I love them all as my brothers and hope we meet together again in future.

(Who did manage meet Aiman in MAK ceremony? lol and Daruz Kei, good luck with ur Spanish lesson)

10 Responses
  1. sudokumaster Says:

    emm..x thu nk ckp per...
    gmbr tu cm edit jer? kui2..

  2. syafiqq1991 Says:

    ye..hehe.. gambar tu memang nampak cam edit le.. aku edit dua oran je..

  3. sudokumaster Says:

    haha...ak mmg power tgk gmbr2 nih..hehe

  4. afandi Says:

    yele ko tu power.. tapi tekaan ko tetap salah..hehehe

  5. AxL VoGa Says:

    aiman bukan dh pndah ke time f4?
    bapak tipu..

  6. syafiqq1991 Says:

    tau takpe.. hehe...

  7. Aiman.......Azri......mcm len jer gamba tuh...huhuhuh

  8. syafiqq1991 Says:

    heheeh.. masih ade mausia bermata syaringgan.. hehehe.. tapi kala nak tahu gambar mane betul ke tak besarkanlah... hehehe..

  9. Thank you very much for the information, and thx u for ur wish :)

    Wow... Citer yg menarik, they must happy to be ur friend ...

    and you know ? i'm happy too to be your friend...
    awk b'beza dgn org2 malay lainnya ....

    skli lgi thx ea .....

    Kpan2 awk kunjung lagh ke Indo .....

    nnti sy bawa awk ke tempat2 yg best di Bandung :)

  10. syafiqq1991 Says:

    Terima kasih ya.. nanti kala berkesempatan saya ke indo.. Bole kita ke Bandung.. Enak bangat.. bangat-bangat-bangat.. Moga awak berjaya dalam kelas Spanish ya.. Awak rajin bangat.. setiap hari awak pergi ke kelas Spanish.. Saya agak malas untuk ke kelas.. hehe.. :P