I will sit for my first exam 2mrw. Pray for me guys!!!
Though I am not in my mood to sit for this one -- fighting with someone :'(


I give up!!!!

These 3 weeks?

Not sure to declare them as the most exhilarating weeks or they are not since the IB life seems are dragging me into a fantasy realm. Why? Every week is the exciting weeks: an exception next week (exam week!)

Since Raya atmosphere was still blanketing us, especially Pratik, though an Indian, we did a small celebration in the class. All of us were forced by each other to wear full Raya costume, and so we did. Then, in the the same week we had birthday party for all those who were born in Sept, including our lecturers.

Then, Petronas students decided to organize Raya open house and it was greatly successful. Thnx Azlan, Izzu, and Sheril. We all own u much. Rendang cooked by Sheril and, of course, with her mum is fabulous. Nearly all IB students came and some of the lecturers and an Petronas officer as well..

With Petronas officer.

Sit like an INDIAN Pratik!


The three friends.

Raya spirit was still on its peak in the following week, so, Fatin did also plan a raya celebration in her huge bungalow. All joined it and we all met her family who welcomed us warmly. I would never forget it!

(Dans Jardin de Fatin)

On the stairs!

(Dans la chambre de Fatin)

In the living room before leaving.

Say peace!

Just really,really before reading!

And this week, Physics student did an experiment. We had to design a mechanism to reduce impact time for a falling egg so that it would not break. Sorry, got not picture for this one, yet. I will upload it soon. My design was adversely terrible. I failed both trials! ******! It’s ok. Try again later man!

And another was our class photo session. It was a bit chaos as most of us was too excited, thinking of their tempting post!! But not really!! Once again, Azlan and Izzudin did a fantastic job! Très bien!

IB JUNE 09 Sri KDU School

My classmate!

And of course, swimming training makes me feel very wearisome. I may escape next week class since exam is coming. Pray the best for me friends!


Sekali lagi aku sendiri berdiri
ditepian pantai berteman bayu laut
setelah berkali-kali menanti
kau : bintang pagar hati bertaut.

Tertawar kawah lara rindu
kau menyubur senyum ceria
merungkai segala pedih buntu
dalam singgahan pelita gembira.

Munculmu tiada tentu. Hari ini
kau di sisi. Esok tiada janji
dan tulat terseksa menanti
dalam kelemasan gelora rindu membadai hati
dalam perangkap ilusi memori lalu. Tapi
setiaku tegap berdiri –
walau jatuh bagai mati,
aku masih pasti
menanti, menanti, dan terus menanti
kerana kau bintang yang dicari
di balik rembunan bintang bersinar suci.