My Bruvs

Daruz Kei, this is the picture that I have mentioned to you which was taken in my graduation day in my former school, Sultan Alam Shah Islamic College, and I edited it. From left is Akif, Qutham Akif, me, Azri and Aiman.

Usually, most people will treat their juniors really like a junior but I never did that in my schooling days. For me they are the parts of my life, I mean like my own brother. And the closest brothers are they.

We are really close like siblings. We always did activities together like mingle around, eat our meals, fast, break fast, go out for outing ect.

And now, I miss all of them especially Aiman as we do not meet nearly a year. I have tried to have a visit to his house but I have failed. Actually, Aiman transferred to his former school last year which gave a big impact to my life. However it is, I got chances to meet Akif, Qutham Akif and Azri a few times this year.

What can I say here is I love them all as my brothers and hope we meet together again in future.

(Who did manage meet Aiman in MAK ceremony? lol and Daruz Kei, good luck with ur Spanish lesson)

Peristiwa Rindu

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Dalam melewati pertengahan malam
nur rembulan menghambat kelam
bintang-bintang kasih bertari dengan bintang-bintang sayang
bisikan bayu cinta pula diundang.

Jiwa galak meronta,
'Ah! Lambat sungguh siang.'
Hati tinggi bicara,
'Wajah mu sentiasa ku bayang.'
Dalam mata pejam
di susunan lorong hitam
sejambak ingatan kusulam.

Masa berarak lalu
berzaman tiada temu
terobek rasa diamuk rindu
bergegar jiwa dipuput pilu
mekar mawar terparut seri
lincah rerama bersumbang tari

Pedih hati bak mendidih
dicuka lingkaran luka
dipanah menara nanah
tertuba kota cinta
ditarah habis punah.

Sekadar berita tanpa rupa
dari kejauhan
sayup-sayup kedengaran.

Untuk siapa-siapa punya rasa

“Who is Syafiq?”

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One of the most frequent questions thrown by my mates to me is who is syafiq? Yeah! ‘Who is Syafiq?’

They have their own firm stands to ask me this particular question as my real name is Ahmad Afandi Bin Suhami which, clearly, has no correlation or relation at all with Syafiq. So, why?
Actually, what do I know is Syafiq is an Arabic word, of course it is, comes from word syafaqah, which means affection, fondness or love and, so, syafiq means ‘a person who is loved by other people’ (something like that). For me, I love its meaning, so I use it as my surname in most chatting rooms.

Other than that, Syafiq is the name of my bosom buddy (best friend) when I was 11. I first met him when I attended a religion class at a mosque. What can I say about him is he is truly a friendly guy. I never have a comrade as him. What did I know about him is he is a diligent, discipline, and kind-hearted boy.

However it is, I lost touch with him (lost contact) when I stopped my lesson at the mosque for certain reasons. When I was 12, I got a chance to meet him at his school but just for a moment. I saw him with his buddies playing around by the school gate. Suddenly, a wave of nervousness came over me, so I turned around to gain my courage, thinking what should be the first word to say to him. A second later, after turning back, his figure had gone under the sunny day. I felt tremendously bad!!

Once again, when I was 14, I met him at my housing area. You know, I did not see him about 2 years and I was half-forgotten of how he was look like. In that afternoon, both of us were on our own bikes. I cycled to a stall and I spotted him. At first, I did not realize him because he wore a cap. After I reached home, then, suddenly, I remembered him after pondering (thinking) hardly who he was as I thought I had met him before. So, I grabbed my bike and cycled back to the spot where I saw him. But, once again, he had gone.

I did try my best to search for him such as I did seek for him in his housing area, ask his schoolmates and more but I have failed. A few times I try to replace him with other person but nobody can do it. I told you just now he is a good boy thought after asking his friends he was the worst student in his school (He was a school gangster). I never let this fact as a reason why I have to forget him. For me, he is still a good boy in my eyes. I miss him. I really hope to meet him though he maybe has forgotten me.

'Friendship is the golden thread that ties all hearts together'

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Tuntutan Rindu

Di sini
tempang tariku
sumbang silatku
ghaib tarimu
ghaib silatmu.

membikai tuju
bukannya kau maju
kau pulang mencari ibu
berkisar alasan beribu-ribu.

Panah mentari membakar rindu
puncak siang kian kelam
apatah lagi malam
rindu mendalam

aku tuntut kasih
aku tuntut sayang
aku tuntut cinta
dari kau

kusut rindu.

Khas buat 4 A

Pizza Nut!!!!!

Food? Food? This word is really popular among my friends in KISAS. The reason is they truly love to eat food from a stall, Wak Kanang, at the side of our hostel. Nearly, every night, there would be some of them would go there to buy food for themselves and comrades. They were nut with the food! But I was not one of them as I was nut with pizza. Yea, pizza!!!!

During the examinations days, SPM, my roommates and I always called Domino pizza. Not the small one we ordered, not the large one neither, but the extra large one, 15 inches. That’s tremendously huge!!! The price? Emmm.. Need not to tell here. What do I can say here, based on Muhammad's calculation, my roommate, a week we eat 3 pizzas. Yummy! Who were my roommates? They were Syamil, Muhammad, and Nafis. Want to believe or not, Syamil was really obsessive with pizza. But I was the worst. Quite hundred of ringgits I spend for pizzas in the end of the year.

The hardest time about pizza was how to bring it into my room silently, without anybody’s realization (hahaha)

With whom I ate pizza?
Syamil, Muhammad, Nafis, Miss Norhisyam and classmate, Amir(Pizza Hut), Majdi, and more…
My juniors: Qhutam Akif, Akif Zulkornain, Azri, Aiman Basun, Hafiz, Shahirm, Tamim and more…

Here are the pictures. But actually there are a lot more but I don’t know where are the pictures now. And Nafis, I am sorry as I can’t find your picture at all.

In my room in Ali Block. Muhd was the one who took pic.

Look at Adib's face.. lol. Nafis was not around at this time. Sorry man...

Emmm... Yummy!!!

Who is this boy?

This picture was taken for our farewell. I Miss you guys!! Forgot to take picture for Azri's birthday party. Once again we ate Domino Pizza. :P

I ate at Pizza House Restaurant.

Amir, I miss this moment. We discussed about our plan after SPM. Remember?

Two of the pizzas that we ordered.

However it is,

I miss Domino Pizza!!!

Definisi Guru Baru

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Guru itu lilin ?
Yang menyuluh sesungguh hati
hingga biar dirinya mati!

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Guru itu pelita?
Meracun udara dengan jelaga
kian kelam dalam suram
nanti terpadam
di puncak malam.

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Definisi baru guru:
sang mentari di siangnya
dan rembulan di malamnya
menyuluh dengan nurnya
bukan dengan apinya.

Guru menilai
bukan dengan jemari dan jelir
tapi dengan hati dan fikir

Guru mengajar
bagaimana belajar
menjadi umat terpelajar
sedang dia sendiri tekun mendengar
bukannya cakap berdegar

Murid itu
maju berbatu-batu
bertunjangan kata guru
terus mara ke menara itu


Align Center

Sempena hari guru, saya mengucapkan
Selamat Hari Guru! Terima kasih cikgu!
terima kasih Pictures, Images and Photos
Lembaran kasih sayang ketika kau mengajarku
menitiskan air mataku.
Ketika itu
kau tidak letakkan buku di hadapmu
tapi rasa cinta dalam mendidikku.


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The all results, Matriculation, UPU, scholarships, for us to pursue our education to the next level were already announced. Smile and tear, definitely, the spontaneous actions after knowing the result. For those who got what did they hope for, of course, a broad smile bloomed in the wave of happiness and for those who could not make it, tear wet their cheek.

For those who got what do they want; congratulation! You deserve it! And, my friends, who got no opportunity, don’t cry. Allah knows what the best is for us. Maybe, the best place for you study is in Malaysia. Though, I am certain that you did the best to realize your dream and you never let the ‘dream becomes your master’.

"It is not good for all our wishes to be filled; through sickness we recognize the value of health; through evil, the value of good; through hunger, the value of food; through exertion, the value of rest."

I still want to say congratulation to all my friends. Where ever we are placed to study at, we are still lucky for having a chance to study because not all people on this planet can have it. Think about our friends in Palestine. You will cry, then.

Anyway, once we are racing, make sure we are the winner. In the world of education today, we are racers! The competitions are really high. Those who are strong enough to face the challenge will continue to survive and those who are weak will be stepped by other people. Since, once we were in Islamic College of Sultan Alam Shah (don’t care if it’s wrong), it means we are a great person who will lead the community in the next future. This is the responsibility that we are shouldering.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is
our light, not our darkness, that frightens us most...
We were born to face the tests that are waiting for us.

And when we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people
permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear,
our presence automatically liberates others.

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If I Am Free

This a story that I found in a web. Hope you all will enjoy reading it..

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Holding firmly a dark brown wrapped glass bottle in his left hand, Shawn yells strongly in pain till can be heard in the next few houses. He has gulped a liquid in the bottle a little and now he is suffering. He staggers a few inches forward, trying to reach a portrait on a wall in his living room, and his vision is getting blur and he feels truly dizzy. Tightly clutching his throat with his both hands and the bottle glides down from his hand, broken into pieces. Then, he collapses on a rocking chair, falls down on the floor, crawls and his fingers are scratching the floor. He is committing suicide.
Why he is mad? A short question clouds in my thoughts. Why he did so? Once again, a question storms in my confused mind.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Somebody is at the front door.

‘Open the door! Shawn! Open!’ A loud shrilling female voice is heard, urging Shawn to open the door but, actually, it is unlocked. That is Sherry. For Shawn, she is a special person in his life. Because of no response, she opens the door and dashes into the living room. Startled, her eyes are on Shawn who is lying on the floor. Quickly, by leaps and bounds, she gets him.

‘I-I-I-’m sorry Shawn, it’s really my fault. I-I-I never mean to do so!’ Sherry wails. It is getting worse after she realised a lot of small bubbles.

Just now, Shawn went to meet Sherry at her work place, a restaurant which is situated 25 metres from Shawn dwelling. He invited Sherry to sit with him because he had something to tell her and it seemed to be quite important for him. So, Sherry sat on the opposing chair. She felt pretty anxious with Shawn’s strange behavior as since their first meeting on the last seven years, he was never being too serious.

Shawn removed something from his pocket and showed it to Sherry. He knelt and said ,‘Would you marry me?’

‘Are you mad?’ frowning, she replied loudly in surprise.

Her eyes showed her anger. Everybody was staring at them both in the restaurant, some of them were clapping their hands. Shawn was exactly surprised with her reaction and she was truly surprised with his action. Shawn thought Sherry loved him but she thought Sherry was out of mind. Then, she slapped him, just nice on his left cheek, in public. A wave of shame went over him. He was dreadfully in a big disappointment as seven years he waited for this time. After that, he quickly left the restaurant.

‘Shawn! Wake up!’ Sherry cries to Shawn whose head is on her lap but it is too late. He is dead. Tears stream swiftly from her eyes and she feels terribly lost.

I know that Shawn loved her more than himself and I do learn that Sherry loves him, but due to her shyness, she rejected harshly his propose. Everyday, Shawn would stare at the portrait on the wall about an hour. It is Sherry’s portrait. Shawn was mad of her. If he could not win her heart, he believed his life is valueless because he got cancer and he only could survive a few weeks more. Winning her love is the only thing he hoped. Sherry is also like that. She loves him as well. She has a picture of him and she puts it one in her purse. What can I do? I am just a little bird in a steel cage. I only can see and do nothing. If I am free, I am sure that I can help them and other people as well. And, of course, Shawn would be the happiest man in this world if knowing that Sherry loves him.

US vs UK! Where Should I Go to?

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It is never in my cloudy thoughts to acquire a scholarship from Petronas because I did not get any call from them as some of my friends got a call (though I believe and confident can get it). They asked me, a few times, either I got any call from Petronas or not. I did not get any call, so, of course I did not get the scholarship. (What a bloody and creepy question!!) Then, they, Arif and Hissam, forced me to check the result in the midst of the mysterious night. I was reluctant to do it, so, I asked Arif to checkit out. Alhamdulillah, I GOT IT!

Name: Ahmad Afandi Bin Suhaimi
Course: Geophysics
Country: US

Nevertheless, I want go to UK but not US. Now, my parents force me to take this scholarship and ignore the other scholarship (but I do not get the result yet. . lol) Oh Gosh!!!! What should I do?

There are a few reasons why I want to go to UK.
1. I love engineering. (really??)
2. It’s my dream to be there. (yeah! This is a fact!)
3. I love British accent. (Harry Potheaaad... LOL)
4. I have a lot of acquaintances there.
5. I am doing my preparation myself to be there by learning their culture and accent ect.. (but I’m doing TOEFL. Lol..)
6. And I have promised to Arthur (my comrade from French) to meet in UK since he is doing his A-level to study abroad, England.

But what can I gain if taking the scholarship to US
1. One of the best educations in the world.
2. Working with Petronas is such a golden opportunity. (the salary is *****)
3. Money currency. Dollar US is not as expensive as Pound Sterling. (My dad wanna me buy a mercedes car there. I can drive to lecture too.. lol)
4. Firdaus Izraee will be there soon.
5. I got friends there but not as many in UK. (From all walks of life)

~But I luv British accent rather than US accent, though both are cool ~

So guys, what should I do? Emmmm… HELP me m8!!!
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p/s * S'il vous plaƮt, aidez-moi! Mes parents veulent que je me rende des US!

I'm More Than a SUPERMAN!!!

When I saw my buddy, Arthur, was online, I realized that it’s was too late for me to carry on my test. If reading once the text, I just could understand nothing, what’s more at that time? So, I closed the page and caught him on MSN.

At first, I chatted with him, but, after a short moment, unexpectedly, Rodrigo signed in! Great! As it’s difficult to meet him online now. Before he left us, I asked Mr. A to invite him into our club. It was not nice but amazing. We chatted a lot and I was the one who had been Arthurs’ subject of joke! Just due to the word nice! Ooo man! (It’s only the native’s culture mes ami(friend in French)).

3dflags_fra0001-000fa.gif french flag image by ajcorsicaIn Arthur’s place was 6 pm,
brazil.gif Flag image by RyeleahMr. R’s was 12 noon and
Malaysia.gif Malaysia Flag image by Kok888it was 12 am in Malaysia.

Then I realised something. I’ more than Superman (Clark!!!. Yeah, of course. Superman can run fast from a place to another but I can do something more extraordinary than him! I can travel back in time! Have you met any superhero who has this super extraordinary power? Aren’t you? Now you are! lol.

When it’s was 12 midnight, just a click, I can send my messages back in time. Of course! It was 6 pm in French and 12 noon in US. Lol… that’s all. Other than that, I had been in three continents every minute; Asia, Europe, and world map Pictures, Images and PhotosSouth US.
Now I’m more than a superhero! (Mr. A, has anything to rebut of? And here has no spam mes ami.)

Lewis Clarke

Updating tag...

Lewis Clarke
· Age: 20
· Gender: Male
· Astrological Sign: Libra
· Zodiac Year: Dragon ( no wonder you are in a dragon size. lol)
· Study: Student at Bournemouth Uni
· Industry: Communications or Media
· City:Bournemouth
· Hometown: Tiverton
· Country: United Kingdom
· Occupation: BAMMJ - BA Hons; Multimedia Jour...
· Interests and Hobbies: I'm currently thinking it's sad that ITV no longer have studios in Plymouth and that a lot of well known faces (such as Richard Bath and Alexis Bowater) are no longer on our screens - at least Fred Dineage still is.

Video collection:

A little more about him:

Lewis Clarke (born 28 September 1988 in Tiverton) is an undergraduate at Bournemouth University studying Multi Media Journalism (BAMMJ).

Clarke was educated in his hometown at Combe Mead (now Wilcombe) Primary School, and then went onto Tiverton High School. He then continued to do A-Levels at Taunton's, Richard Huish College and then a journalism degree at Bournemouth University.

He began his media 'career' in 2003 when he delivered the free weekly paper - The Mid Devon Star. In 2008 he did a work placement with the Mid Devon Gazette and worked there during the summer as both a reporter and a video journalist.

What do I think about him?
He is really a friendly British as my other mate, Daniel. I did learn a lot from him, especially culture in UK as my target is to study there. Besides that, I learnt his accent.
And he loves to fight with his sister… Now my imagination about UK is clearer. I believe my friends will be shocked when being there!
Updating tag...

I’m glad to be a friend of ur and to others I will put your detail here soon. And Majdi, (my best friend in Malaysia) stop making rumours!

His video: