I'm More Than a SUPERMAN!!!

When I saw my buddy, Arthur, was online, I realized that it’s was too late for me to carry on my test. If reading once the text, I just could understand nothing, what’s more at that time? So, I closed the page and caught him on MSN.

At first, I chatted with him, but, after a short moment, unexpectedly, Rodrigo signed in! Great! As it’s difficult to meet him online now. Before he left us, I asked Mr. A to invite him into our club. It was not nice but amazing. We chatted a lot and I was the one who had been Arthurs’ subject of joke! Just due to the word nice! Ooo man! (It’s only the native’s culture mes ami(friend in French)).

3dflags_fra0001-000fa.gif french flag image by ajcorsicaIn Arthur’s place was 6 pm,
brazil.gif Flag image by RyeleahMr. R’s was 12 noon and
Malaysia.gif Malaysia Flag image by Kok888it was 12 am in Malaysia.

Then I realised something. I’ more than Superman (Clark Kent..lol)!!!. Yeah, of course. Superman can run fast from a place to another but I can do something more extraordinary than him! I can travel back in time! Have you met any superhero who has this super extraordinary power? Aren’t you? Now you are! lol.

When it’s was 12 midnight, just a click, I can send my messages back in time. Of course! It was 6 pm in French and 12 noon in US. Lol… that’s all. Other than that, I had been in three continents every minute; Asia, Europe, and world map Pictures, Images and PhotosSouth US.
Now I’m more than a superhero! (Mr. A, has anything to rebut of? And here has no spam mes ami.)
10 Responses
  1. MAJDI Says:

    -There are always flowers for those who want to see them.
    -In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, for in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.

  2. syafiqq1991 Says:

    Tx Majdi...

    Similarities create friendship's while differences hold them together.

  3. syafiq Says:

    That is true, because through these differences we should seek understanding and agreement which in time turned to trust and believe which we should keep it alive and living.

  4. syafiqq1991 Says:

    Yeah Syafiq... I have widened my frontier of knowledge from our relation. but why i cant comment on ur blog? send me ur mail

  5. Rodrigo Says:

    Ohh thank very much Ahmad you´re really a good friend.. it´s so good talk with others peoples that live in differents... you knoww always when you must i´ll be here online for we chat...
    goodbye friend...

  6. syafiqq1991 Says:

    Tx amigos.. send my regards to Irish. lol..

    And about the video, let me know when its done.

    Boa Sorte ;)


    this post is quite a joke for me but it is very interesting to share with.

  8. syafiqq1991 Says:

    Syamil. The day will be better if u were there with us.. Believe me!

  9. yea2..afandi ask me to give comment & i forgot too...so he don't wanna read my blog...hahaha...neway..i wrote dis comment 4 ya my fellow friend..haha..

    yea2 u're more than superman
    it's just a fact that i'm more than you...

    then i would be the most amazing human being ever..

    am I??

  10. syafiqq1991 Says:

    of course u are more than superman.. The only superman have extra weight(obesity).. lol.. keep on with ur diet duke..

    Ok i will go to ur blog now..

    Don't cry like a baby...