“Who is Syafiq?”

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One of the most frequent questions thrown by my mates to me is who is syafiq? Yeah! ‘Who is Syafiq?’

They have their own firm stands to ask me this particular question as my real name is Ahmad Afandi Bin Suhami which, clearly, has no correlation or relation at all with Syafiq. So, why?
Actually, what do I know is Syafiq is an Arabic word, of course it is, comes from word syafaqah, which means affection, fondness or love and, so, syafiq means ‘a person who is loved by other people’ (something like that). For me, I love its meaning, so I use it as my surname in most chatting rooms.

Other than that, Syafiq is the name of my bosom buddy (best friend) when I was 11. I first met him when I attended a religion class at a mosque. What can I say about him is he is truly a friendly guy. I never have a comrade as him. What did I know about him is he is a diligent, discipline, and kind-hearted boy.

However it is, I lost touch with him (lost contact) when I stopped my lesson at the mosque for certain reasons. When I was 12, I got a chance to meet him at his school but just for a moment. I saw him with his buddies playing around by the school gate. Suddenly, a wave of nervousness came over me, so I turned around to gain my courage, thinking what should be the first word to say to him. A second later, after turning back, his figure had gone under the sunny day. I felt tremendously bad!!

Once again, when I was 14, I met him at my housing area. You know, I did not see him about 2 years and I was half-forgotten of how he was look like. In that afternoon, both of us were on our own bikes. I cycled to a stall and I spotted him. At first, I did not realize him because he wore a cap. After I reached home, then, suddenly, I remembered him after pondering (thinking) hardly who he was as I thought I had met him before. So, I grabbed my bike and cycled back to the spot where I saw him. But, once again, he had gone.

I did try my best to search for him such as I did seek for him in his housing area, ask his schoolmates and more but I have failed. A few times I try to replace him with other person but nobody can do it. I told you just now he is a good boy thought after asking his friends he was the worst student in his school (He was a school gangster). I never let this fact as a reason why I have to forget him. For me, he is still a good boy in my eyes. I miss him. I really hope to meet him though he maybe has forgotten me.

'Friendship is the golden thread that ties all hearts together'

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5 Responses
  1. syamilnazmi Says:

    sorry fendi I've made wrong perseption

  2. syafiqq1991 Says:

    its ok... not a prob..

  3. ainazirah Says:

    "Suddenly, a wave of nervousness came over me, so I turned around to gain my courage, thinking what should be the first word to say to him."

    Kinda weird~
    It wasn't like u wanna meet a girl/ an adult.. haha

  4. syafiqq1991 Says:

    To Arif:
    yele.. yele... ko je bagus.. hehe

    To Ainziah:
    Bagi le effect lebih skit.. hehe..
    takkan takleh kot.. over2 skit..

    When I was small, I was always nervous when meeting and calling friends. I really don't know why..

    Ur teammate may know this I think...