A Week in Sri KDU

Different place has different ways of life. Here in Sri KDU is, of course, extremely different from KISAS. However, I am proud of my roommates who have heart of KISASIANS. Don’t be surprised! Though I was!

Let I spin a yarn about my first day in this fabulous school. In the first day, IB coordinator, Mr. Shawn, a British got into our class and introduced us to some of the teachers to us. Then, we were entertained by our seniors who are too excited and friendly in the orientation sessions which took less than two hours since all of us are just 19. They had prepared an experiment to welcoming us but it was cancelled due to certain technical problems. After the first recess, we headed into our class, IB 3, to begin our lessons. All the teachers in the day introduced us to our new friends; I meant the books that we have to use as our reference. Since all the books are more than 500 pages each, all of them used chairs to bring all those to our class. The class that was the most interesting one was our first French class by Mr. Oliver. Once you sit in the class you will never wanna leave it! Believe me! Mr. Oliver’s smile is a magic!

In the following days we continue our lessons according to our schedule. As early as 7.30 am we have arrived to school and return to our apartment in fatigue at 3.40 pm. The other class that was cool was the CAS class. We were divided into a few tiny groups and given a task for 30 minutes and we did run all over the big school to accomplish the task. And next month we will have a camping somewhere in Gopeng and it sounds really adventurous with the well planned activities and of course our seniors will be shocked to our plan in repaying with what they have been planning to us.

What can I say, studying in Sri KDU and in KISAS seem the same, really tiring. I have to prepare notes before getting into classes so I have no time to be here as frequently as I was before. But keep in touch ok!

My fist day as a new IB student!!!

OMD!!! Sri KDU School is absolutely fabulous!! From the entrance gate to the back yard, you will be absolutely speechless, mesmerized, not only that, all the stuffs, teachers, and students are too friendly. I feel lucky to be the selected Petronas scholar.

You know, the amenities are the first class amenities which meet the Smart School title. Computers are in the all well air-conditioned classes. The library is cool. The cafeteria is more than u can imagine. There are gym, swimming pool, and etc. I am in the school heaven!

The first person that I met was Azlan who came with his mom, sis, and little brother (he is now the friend of my bro). Then, we headed inside and a too friendly guy came to welcoming us and showing us the enrolment room. We took lift to go to the fist second floor. All the long way sides, the David Arculate welcoming posters are still hanging everywhere.

Nearly all sessions are interesting but the best one was the course and counseling. I met Miss Harjit, teaching Economy. She is really friendly and we talked a lot in the counseling session. Moreover, she is as me, left handed. Then, popped up a famous word, describing a left hander, creative.

The activities (bla…bla…bla…) at school ended around 3.00 pm, then, our parents, the scholars, together, drove to our apartment, with their deluxe cars such as Merce, Estima, etc. What should u expect? Expect the unexpected! My apartment is awesome! It’s a hostel when ‘s’ is absent. Kitchen is there. Tv will cheer we up when stressed up by work. Internet access is on the way. Refrigerator will be full by tomorrow. The swimming pool, gym, ect. I’ve got no camera to take photos. Sorry.

Our apartment....

The all boy scholars (5 people), stayed at an apartment. I shared with Izzuddin a room and Weh Kiat, Azlan and Firdaus took the master bed room.
Izzudin came from Kedah, ex-Asis.
Weh Kiat came from nearby district I think.
Azlan came from Bandar Bangi.

I met two great guys.. Azlan and Weh Kiat. They dragged my past memory with my beloved friends..

Weh Kiat...

Firdaus on the sofa with pure maths text book!

When 3 Petronas Scholars are gathering….

Hello guys!!! Actually, I m a bit excited to go to my new school. Moreover, the last school I had attended was when I was 16. Then I continued my study at a college. And this year, 18 years old, I m back to school.

Just now, my friends and I we were chatting. We are among the lucky human on this earth! LOL. Let me introduce u. First one is Anis and the other one is Azlan. 3 A’s were in a room after inviting them to my conference. To lot of things we chatted, hours. But what can I conclude from our chatting is:

~Sri KDU is a private school.
~Attire code? Up to you wanna wear what. Jeans? Shorts? Round-neck collar shirt? Ok.
~In a class maybe there are only 10 – 25 students (some classes are less than 10)
~Less than 50 students for 2009 batch (seem 2 classes).
~Olympic Swimming pool, gyms, etc.
~Astro? You can have it by ur own.
~I will stay in an apartment (6-7 people).
~Basic needs are prepared as TV, refrigerator, etc.
~Air-con? Not sure yet! Hope there is.
~Maybe 5 Petronas scholars (boys) will stay together and some gossips say that we will stay with Bank Negara Scholars.
~Got 500 per month (hope my mum will add RM100, dad RM100, and my bruv RM50!!).
~Azlan will pursue to UK but Anis (geology) and I (geophysics) will be in US.
~Meals? Can cook or at stalls nearby.
~English SAT is *************.
~Most students are secondary school students.
~Azlan is a sheikh I think.. A good preacher soon, though he did come from a religious school.

All of us are the second children!!

Anis and Azlan..

p/s Anis dont forget our red carpet ok.. I will call u when we are there.

Sri KDU!! Here We Come!!

Sri KDU School! Wait for us this 20 June 2009!! We are going to attack you!!! hahaha.. We? Yea, we are the lucky Petronas Scholars, 12 all of us.

And guys, I m really sorry for didn't appear online lately as I just have returned home from my village and my laptop 'charger' was broken down. Anyway, I got an opportunity to write something about my next step in education arena in Sri KDU School since I m one of the last one who pursues study. I m going to do International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Sekolah Sri KDU® or Sri KDU School is a premier private co-educational Smart School offering the Malaysian Curriculum at Primary and Secondary levels. Above of all, it is also an IB World School offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Since its inception in 2003, its enrolment has grown from 528 students to more than 2400 students in 2008. What a number of pupils!!

About the Petronas Scholars, they are 12 people I think. I have got their e-mails. Where did I get those? SECRET!!

What a pleasent suprise!!! I met with three of these students before our schooling days. Once again, Alhamdulillah and thanks to the latest tecnology which has draged me to the borderless world. There are J...(forgot her name), Azlan (a handsome guy) and Izzudin (ex-Asis student). We had a long talk yesterday till late in the morning. However it is, I can't wait to meet them and the most important thing to pursue my study that I have waited all this long!
Cest La Vie
My new met friend, Azlan

Nevertheless, I have to bear in my mind that I will face culture shock here. I did my research about students here and I think the images of the social norm here is in ur mind now. So, I have to prepare my mind.

A Great Day with Family

What a tiring day!!! Yesterday fatigue is not recovered yet, but today I have walked miles and miles with my family to go shopping. A lot of things we bought from few shopping complexes in Kuantan, my home town.

My bro and I
At first, we (my brothers, my adorable sister and I) followed my father to buy his MLM stuff. I bought a perfume there. Then, my father asked me to buy jeans at a store nearby. I got my new jeans after 3 years. Lol

A pair of cheap black Levis jeans.

After that, suddenly, my dad got a call and had to go to his office. ******!!! So, my sister and I walked, and my little brother too, to nearest shopping mall, Kuantan Parade. A lot of boutiques are there. We went into, nearly, all boutiques to survey for cheap clothes and shoes. At last, I decided to buy a pair of trousers and a t-shirt. I got discount for the t-shirt.

My Latino!!

My sis chose for me.

We headed down to search for shoes. I was dreaming to have a pair of branded shoes as my clans, so, our next destination were to the all stores that sell Adidas and Nike shoes. OMG!! All the shoes are really fantastic and ‘artistic’. But, I nearly fainted when looked at the prices. You know I think what do I mean.

Which one should I buy? But I think I wouldn't buy any.

At last, I didn’t buy any shoes there and leave that mall at 3.30 pm. Our next destination was Secret Recipe. Today is my mother’s birthday! Birthday mum! I added RM20 to buy the cake since I gave them wrong price. It’s ok. This cake is for my mother, black forest.

The cake that we chose.

My little bro, Aiman.

Kuantan Megamall.

Then, my dad drove us to Megamall. I wanted to buy a shirt for my class soon. Izzudin and I did survey yesterday and there are a lot of sales. I toured, alone, the shopping area few times just to look for a cheap shirt since I had to buy lot things more. At last, I chose a shirt. Got discount man! But ,there was no shirt of my size. So, I picked up the other pattern as I nearly got cramp, I thought.

I called my sister and brothers and we gathered at the front of a Adidas Boutique. I nearly to pick up one, basketball shoes, but my bruv said that wasn’t his taste. Quickly, he dragged us to the opposite boutique, Nick. At last, he showed me the shoes that he wanted. He tried to convince me to buy it but I refused to buy that one. We left that premise and sat on a bench out. Suddenly, I wanna that one! That Nike shoes. We got back into that store and tried one. My size is 9. I asked the ‘Makcik’ (lol) to get one for me, but, OUT OF STOCK!!! OMG!!!

We returned to the Adidas Boutique again but my dad had arrived to pick us up and we went to take our cake.

At night, we had a small party in exhaustion but happy. We cheered up our mum!

However it is, I followed my mum to town at 9.30 pm and I bought a sport shoes, Line 7.

Thank Allah for Your ‘rezeki’ to my family and me. Alhamdulillah.
and Izzudin thank you for and Izzudin thank you for accopmanying me yesterday me yesterday.

Other things we bought:

Camp Rock is ROCK!!!

Camp Rock Pictures, Images and Photos

The summer is rock again!!!! What a too awesome movie it is?!!!! Camp Rock is a 2008 Disney Channel Original Movie , not a camp I have joined, starring the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato. The music is written by Julie Brown, Paul Brown, Regina Hicks and Karen Gist. The movie is directed by Matthew Diamond and produced by Alan Sacks.

camp rock Pictures, Images and Photos

What it is all about?

The Jonas Brothers star in this Disney Channel Original Movie about a working class girl determined to refine her musical talent at an acclaimed summer workshop, and the newfound sense of confidence she gains after meeting the singer of a popular musical act. Camp Rock is the place where young musicians go to grow into talented musicians. Mitchie Torres has always dreamt of spending a summer at Camp Rock, but her family can't afford the tuition costs. When Mitchie's mother announces that she got her daughter a discount on tuition by agreeing to work as the camp cook, the young musician is overjoyed at the prospect of actually attending Camp Rock. Though at first intimidated by the more privileged campers, Mitchie soon strikes up a friendship with the decidedly down-to-earth Caitlyn, who dreams of some day becoming a music producer. Later, Mitchie tries to impress popular girls Tess(brat!), Peggy, and Ella by claiming that her mother is a powerful executive at Hot Tunes TV, a tall tale that ultimately gets her invited to sing back up for the catty clique. Meanwhile, Connect 3's summer tour has been cancelled, and lead singer Shane Gray seems to have lost his passion for music. His bandmates Jason and Nate think that a stint in Camp Rock would be the perfect thing to help the singer get his ego back in check, and soon after arriving Shane is captivated by Mitchie's voice. Unlike the other campers, Mitchie seems to genuinely appreciate Shane's creativity rather than simply fawning over his stardom, and it before long the pair has become fast friends. But Tess is jealous of Mitchie and Shane's budding friendship, and upon discovering the truth about the humble singer's mother, the scheming mean girl makes it her mission to get ensure that neither Mitchie nor Caitlyn perform at the upcoming Final Jam competition. Later, as Shane, Nate, and Jason take their seats on the judge's panel for the Final Jam, Mitchie attempts to overcome her fear, step into the spotlight, and show everyone her true talent. The most important thing, Mitchie sings then Shane Gray joins him on the stage.

JONAS BROTHERS Pictures, Images and Photos
Jonas Brothers Band

I know that this movie is not as other outstanding movies out there as High School Musical but I strongly believe that this movie is far better than other movies that I have watched.

First of all, when saying about a movie, the director will ensure that the movie will be really too good by putting the plot revolving around a few elements that are truly disgusting such as romance, kissing, horny scenes etc.. And today, people accept this as a norm in their life. What a shame!!

This movie is different as there are no such terrible elements. There is no kissing scene, hugging as apes, wearing half-naked clothes (Malay dramas got this now) etc. .This makes this movie absolutely different from other movies.

Although the plot is not as great as Harry Potter movies, the moral values in this movie are good enough for all of us to take as a lesson. The problems faced by the protagonist are the problems that commonly faced by teens; identity crisis, clique, stage-fright etc. If we use the solutions as what has been done by Mitchie, we will be great, I think.


French Pictures, Images and Photos

Bounjour! Comment vas-tu?
Mon prenom est Afandi.
J'ai 18 ans.
Je viens d'Malaysia.
Je ne suis pas petit.
Je suis grand.
J'ai 3 frères et une.

J'ai un ami à partir de français.
Il est Arthur.comment vas-tu Arthur?

Enchanté!! Au revoir!!

Good morning! How are you?
My name is Afandi.
I am 18 years old.
I am from Malaysia.
I am not short.
I am tall.
I have 3 brothers and a sister.

I have a friend from French.
His name is Arthur. How are you Arthur?

Nice to meet you. Bye.