A Week in Sri KDU

Different place has different ways of life. Here in Sri KDU is, of course, extremely different from KISAS. However, I am proud of my roommates who have heart of KISASIANS. Don’t be surprised! Though I was!

Let I spin a yarn about my first day in this fabulous school. In the first day, IB coordinator, Mr. Shawn, a British got into our class and introduced us to some of the teachers to us. Then, we were entertained by our seniors who are too excited and friendly in the orientation sessions which took less than two hours since all of us are just 19. They had prepared an experiment to welcoming us but it was cancelled due to certain technical problems. After the first recess, we headed into our class, IB 3, to begin our lessons. All the teachers in the day introduced us to our new friends; I meant the books that we have to use as our reference. Since all the books are more than 500 pages each, all of them used chairs to bring all those to our class. The class that was the most interesting one was our first French class by Mr. Oliver. Once you sit in the class you will never wanna leave it! Believe me! Mr. Oliver’s smile is a magic!

In the following days we continue our lessons according to our schedule. As early as 7.30 am we have arrived to school and return to our apartment in fatigue at 3.40 pm. The other class that was cool was the CAS class. We were divided into a few tiny groups and given a task for 30 minutes and we did run all over the big school to accomplish the task. And next month we will have a camping somewhere in Gopeng and it sounds really adventurous with the well planned activities and of course our seniors will be shocked to our plan in repaying with what they have been planning to us.

What can I say, studying in Sri KDU and in KISAS seem the same, really tiring. I have to prepare notes before getting into classes so I have no time to be here as frequently as I was before. But keep in touch ok!

6 Responses
  1. fye Says:

    hoho seems like you're having fun there!

  2. syafiqq1991 Says:

    Fun??? Merriment???
    yea kinda... But we just have to be professional. When its time to play, our foot are on our head!! loll..

    But anyway, since the first they here, everything is just fine but only one prob that's explicit.. MONEY 'stock'.. hehe

  3. EmberPen Says:

    being busy is da thing u'll miss n remember when u got urself freed from da institution dude!
    anyway, get urself some free time during da weekends to visit me n ma famly!

  4. zeropersona Says:

    Wah the way u say it is so obvious that u r having a wonderful time there. I am glad for you.

  5. syamilnazmi Says:

    do you learn france fendi?

  6. syafiqq1991 Says:

    TO EmberPen:

    I will I think.. But why should i??

    to Zeropesona:
    THnx.. aNd I believe u r too... HOw obviously wonderful it is, only we know as its not as great as u imagine!! :(

    to Syamil:
    Oui! J'aime Fran├žais!! Yes I am learning French now! Not to easy but I will do it all the way.. THnx for asking.. :) miss u...