Camp Rock is ROCK!!!

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The summer is rock again!!!! What a too awesome movie it is?!!!! Camp Rock is a 2008 Disney Channel Original Movie , not a camp I have joined, starring the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato. The music is written by Julie Brown, Paul Brown, Regina Hicks and Karen Gist. The movie is directed by Matthew Diamond and produced by Alan Sacks.

camp rock Pictures, Images and Photos

What it is all about?

The Jonas Brothers star in this Disney Channel Original Movie about a working class girl determined to refine her musical talent at an acclaimed summer workshop, and the newfound sense of confidence she gains after meeting the singer of a popular musical act. Camp Rock is the place where young musicians go to grow into talented musicians. Mitchie Torres has always dreamt of spending a summer at Camp Rock, but her family can't afford the tuition costs. When Mitchie's mother announces that she got her daughter a discount on tuition by agreeing to work as the camp cook, the young musician is overjoyed at the prospect of actually attending Camp Rock. Though at first intimidated by the more privileged campers, Mitchie soon strikes up a friendship with the decidedly down-to-earth Caitlyn, who dreams of some day becoming a music producer. Later, Mitchie tries to impress popular girls Tess(brat!), Peggy, and Ella by claiming that her mother is a powerful executive at Hot Tunes TV, a tall tale that ultimately gets her invited to sing back up for the catty clique. Meanwhile, Connect 3's summer tour has been cancelled, and lead singer Shane Gray seems to have lost his passion for music. His bandmates Jason and Nate think that a stint in Camp Rock would be the perfect thing to help the singer get his ego back in check, and soon after arriving Shane is captivated by Mitchie's voice. Unlike the other campers, Mitchie seems to genuinely appreciate Shane's creativity rather than simply fawning over his stardom, and it before long the pair has become fast friends. But Tess is jealous of Mitchie and Shane's budding friendship, and upon discovering the truth about the humble singer's mother, the scheming mean girl makes it her mission to get ensure that neither Mitchie nor Caitlyn perform at the upcoming Final Jam competition. Later, as Shane, Nate, and Jason take their seats on the judge's panel for the Final Jam, Mitchie attempts to overcome her fear, step into the spotlight, and show everyone her true talent. The most important thing, Mitchie sings then Shane Gray joins him on the stage.

JONAS BROTHERS Pictures, Images and Photos
Jonas Brothers Band

I know that this movie is not as other outstanding movies out there as High School Musical but I strongly believe that this movie is far better than other movies that I have watched.

First of all, when saying about a movie, the director will ensure that the movie will be really too good by putting the plot revolving around a few elements that are truly disgusting such as romance, kissing, horny scenes etc.. And today, people accept this as a norm in their life. What a shame!!

This movie is different as there are no such terrible elements. There is no kissing scene, hugging as apes, wearing half-naked clothes (Malay dramas got this now) etc. .This makes this movie absolutely different from other movies.

Although the plot is not as great as Harry Potter movies, the moral values in this movie are good enough for all of us to take as a lesson. The problems faced by the protagonist are the problems that commonly faced by teens; identity crisis, clique, stage-fright etc. If we use the solutions as what has been done by Mitchie, we will be great, I think.

12 Responses
  1. amiR muJahiD Says:

    love dat song...
    cuma kalo a guy yg nyanyi...
    lagu tu akn jd better n appropriate utk didengar...

  2. syafiqq1991 Says:

    ade je laki nanyi lagu tu.. dengar habis tak?

  3. alahai,
    bgn lmbt.
    x sempat tgk

  4. ainazirah Says:

    cter ni.. baru tgk td.. lagu best.. tapi jln cter cam, mmg plek~

  5. syafiqq1991 Says:

    To FarizzaidI:

    nape bangun lewat? aku dah set otak nak bagun awl untuk tengok so aku terbangun exact at ten

  6. syafiqq1991 Says:

    To Ainazirah:

    Cite dia ok cume aku rasa ending dia tu macm budak darjah lima yang tulis.. entah apa2.. tapi citer ni lain dari yang lain... maybe tv 3 ptong banyak sangat sampai citer ni jadi pelik skit...


  7. ainazirah Says:

    "ending dia tu macm budak darjah lima yang tulis.."

    ni mmg aku teramatla stuju.. haha

  8. sy Says:

    To Ainazirah:

    though so, movie was nominated in DGA Award 2009 and Young Artist Award 2009.. what do u think?

  9. ainazirah Says:

    Hurm.. I don't know..

    For the awards nomination:

    Maybe because the movie suits it's target viewers - those who have a standard-five-thinking-level.. hahaha

    From another aspect, I think the actors were doing just well (I mean in acting)..

    p/s: B4 this, we did talk about the plot of this movie, so.. the blame should be put on its scriptwriter (maybe..)-I'm not a professional critic anyway~

  10. syafiqq1991 Says:

    to ainazirah:

    Objection! Objection u Honor! The actors were doing great!

    We should put blame on scriptwriter and producer. U r right...

    And, standard-five-thinking-level? huh! What a harsh phrase! It means our level is .... as we never get nomination as this movie.. Agree?

  11. EmberPen Says:

    i too like that movie.
    ive watched the dvd, so no cuts there. hahaha
    really nice....and fyi, i LIKED the ending. its sweet and i hav practiced it b4.
    but if ur referring to the singing thing in da end by da gurlz, yeah, i think its inappropiate.
    not so Rock! u agree?

  12. syafiqq1991 Says:

    The end? its not really about rock or not. But from my view its not a good ending (the singing by all). It seems does not meet the flow of the story though it leaves an energetic impact to the watchers.

    isnt it?