My fist day as a new IB student!!!

OMD!!! Sri KDU School is absolutely fabulous!! From the entrance gate to the back yard, you will be absolutely speechless, mesmerized, not only that, all the stuffs, teachers, and students are too friendly. I feel lucky to be the selected Petronas scholar.

You know, the amenities are the first class amenities which meet the Smart School title. Computers are in the all well air-conditioned classes. The library is cool. The cafeteria is more than u can imagine. There are gym, swimming pool, and etc. I am in the school heaven!

The first person that I met was Azlan who came with his mom, sis, and little brother (he is now the friend of my bro). Then, we headed inside and a too friendly guy came to welcoming us and showing us the enrolment room. We took lift to go to the fist second floor. All the long way sides, the David Arculate welcoming posters are still hanging everywhere.

Nearly all sessions are interesting but the best one was the course and counseling. I met Miss Harjit, teaching Economy. She is really friendly and we talked a lot in the counseling session. Moreover, she is as me, left handed. Then, popped up a famous word, describing a left hander, creative.

The activities (bla…bla…bla…) at school ended around 3.00 pm, then, our parents, the scholars, together, drove to our apartment, with their deluxe cars such as Merce, Estima, etc. What should u expect? Expect the unexpected! My apartment is awesome! It’s a hostel when ‘s’ is absent. Kitchen is there. Tv will cheer we up when stressed up by work. Internet access is on the way. Refrigerator will be full by tomorrow. The swimming pool, gym, ect. I’ve got no camera to take photos. Sorry.

Our apartment....

The all boy scholars (5 people), stayed at an apartment. I shared with Izzuddin a room and Weh Kiat, Azlan and Firdaus took the master bed room.
Izzudin came from Kedah, ex-Asis.
Weh Kiat came from nearby district I think.
Azlan came from Bandar Bangi.

I met two great guys.. Azlan and Weh Kiat. They dragged my past memory with my beloved friends..

Weh Kiat...

Firdaus on the sofa with pure maths text book!

4 Responses
  1. smart gle
    kalawlah hostel ktorg camtu

    mmg x punye

  2. AxL VoGa Says:

    Korg best r apartment..kitorang asrama sempit gile..nnti aku amek gmbr tnjuk...jeles nye~

  3. syafiqq1991 Says:

    to Farizzaidl and Che PAHANG:
    ko tak tau camne kita orang belajar nanti.. IB kat sini lagi susah kat KMB and INTEC...

    biar bersusah dulu senang kemudian.. kita orang ni nampak senang, tapi bersusah giler... dahle belajar bahasa Frence.. lagi nye la...

  4. .w a n e e. Says:

    wow!taking IB is not the 'real' hell when u take a glance back with all the's not least u can have a very high standard 'home' for u to study.n i am so so jealous of u dude!u have sofa,TV!,fridge!but i dont! studying area in the living room.wth.