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Bounjour! Comment vas-tu?
Mon prenom est Afandi.
J'ai 18 ans.
Je viens d'Malaysia.
Je ne suis pas petit.
Je suis grand.
J'ai 3 frères et une.

J'ai un ami à partir de français.
Il est Arthur.comment vas-tu Arthur?

Enchanté!! Au revoir!!

Good morning! How are you?
My name is Afandi.
I am 18 years old.
I am from Malaysia.
I am not short.
I am tall.
I have 3 brothers and a sister.

I have a friend from French.
His name is Arthur. How are you Arthur?

Nice to meet you. Bye.

10 Responses
  1. syamilnazmi Says:

    I do not know how to speak france hihi

  2. syafiqq1991 Says:

    Not really speak.. write actually.. I cant read it yet...

  3. huhu
    bst gler dpt study BP....hhuhuh

  4. syafiqq1991 Says:

    best ke? BA tak best?

  5. Arthur Says:

    As i can see you're still learning french, the "Molière's langage" ( do u know him ?) ...

    That's quite good, but your translator made some mistakes -->


    Bonjour ... je viens de Malaisie ... 3 frères et une soeur ... j'ai un ami français ... il s'appelle Arthur (that's me ... ;-) )

    Otherwise that's perfect !

    Next time we are on-line together, i'll pronounce you all this: you'll see, it's not hard at all (it's a bit like english ...)

    See u soon my friend !

  6. syafiqq1991 Says:

    Thnx Arthur. Long time no see. We miss u a lot.. everytime I met Mr R, he will ask u... however it is, focus with ur study first. its more importnant..

    see u soon

  7. Anonymous Says:

    good luck learning french.

  8. syafiqq1991 Says:

    Is that u Alex? thnx.. Hope u will be great with ur Japanese ok... U r such a great man..

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Excuse-moi, est ce que je te connais?
    C'est un plaisir de faire to connaissance.

  10. syafiqq1991 Says:

    C'est un plaisir de faire to connnaissance.

    mon e-mail