When 3 Petronas Scholars are gathering….

Hello guys!!! Actually, I m a bit excited to go to my new school. Moreover, the last school I had attended was when I was 16. Then I continued my study at a college. And this year, 18 years old, I m back to school.

Just now, my friends and I we were chatting. We are among the lucky human on this earth! LOL. Let me introduce u. First one is Anis and the other one is Azlan. 3 A’s were in a room after inviting them to my conference. To lot of things we chatted, hours. But what can I conclude from our chatting is:

~Sri KDU is a private school.
~Attire code? Up to you wanna wear what. Jeans? Shorts? Round-neck collar shirt? Ok.
~In a class maybe there are only 10 – 25 students (some classes are less than 10)
~Less than 50 students for 2009 batch (seem 2 classes).
~Olympic Swimming pool, gyms, etc.
~Astro? You can have it by ur own.
~I will stay in an apartment (6-7 people).
~Basic needs are prepared as TV, refrigerator, etc.
~Air-con? Not sure yet! Hope there is.
~Maybe 5 Petronas scholars (boys) will stay together and some gossips say that we will stay with Bank Negara Scholars.
~Got 500 per month (hope my mum will add RM100, dad RM100, and my bruv RM50!!).
~Azlan will pursue to UK but Anis (geology) and I (geophysics) will be in US.
~Meals? Can cook or at stalls nearby.
~English SAT is *************.
~Most students are secondary school students.
~Azlan is a sheikh I think.. A good preacher soon, though he did come from a religious school.

All of us are the second children!!

Anis and Azlan..

p/s Anis dont forget our red carpet ok.. I will call u when we are there.
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  1. syamilnazmi Says:

    goodluck. may allah bless you.
    this is a pray fendi.it is better than to talk something shit

  2. AxL VoGa Says:

    Anis is ab BOY??
    I thought that name supposed to be girl..

  3. hey you. i just happened to have stumbled upon your blog when i read anis'. good luck with your journey in srikdu. i'm sure you're gonna love the exposure as well as the new atmosphere that'll never fail to intrigue and fascinate you along the way. IB ain't a straight journey void of challenges. it's going to be a fairly tough 2 years for you right there in srikdu, but just keep yourself focussed and everything will be fine insyaAllah. cheers!

    *From your super senior lol*

  4. ehem...anis is here..

    n yeah..anis here is a BOY..any probs with that?LOL

    hey fendi..the swimming pool is not an olympic size lah...

    one last thing. i finish my IB lah.therefore, i cant be there during yr registration n sorry,no red carpet for u.lol

  5. syafiqq1991 Says:

    To Syamil:
    thanx for ur words.. (kali ke berapa entah ko cakap good luck kat aku) hhehehe.. macma takde ayat lain plak.. hehe..

    to CHE:
    Kesian kat Anis.. hehe.. Di laki a.. Bukan Anis kelas aku tu..

    To FAIZAL:
    thnx.. I will bear it in my mind.. So where are u now?

    To ANIS:
    Emm.. tak tau lah pulak pasal swimming pool tu.. tapi based on Sri KDU web, dia tulis camtu kot.. hehe..

    Good luck for ur IB.. If have books that u dont wanna use, give me can?

  6. hahaha..kne tipu bulat2...hikhik...

    books? ask from yr senior..they might have them from us...

  7. syafiqq1991 Says:

    Ok... result keluar biler? and biler nak fly?

  8. awal july..hehehe

    tu kne tggu result