A Great Day with Family

What a tiring day!!! Yesterday fatigue is not recovered yet, but today I have walked miles and miles with my family to go shopping. A lot of things we bought from few shopping complexes in Kuantan, my home town.

My bro and I
At first, we (my brothers, my adorable sister and I) followed my father to buy his MLM stuff. I bought a perfume there. Then, my father asked me to buy jeans at a store nearby. I got my new jeans after 3 years. Lol

A pair of cheap black Levis jeans.

After that, suddenly, my dad got a call and had to go to his office. ******!!! So, my sister and I walked, and my little brother too, to nearest shopping mall, Kuantan Parade. A lot of boutiques are there. We went into, nearly, all boutiques to survey for cheap clothes and shoes. At last, I decided to buy a pair of trousers and a t-shirt. I got discount for the t-shirt.

My Latino!!

My sis chose for me.

We headed down to search for shoes. I was dreaming to have a pair of branded shoes as my clans, so, our next destination were to the all stores that sell Adidas and Nike shoes. OMG!! All the shoes are really fantastic and ‘artistic’. But, I nearly fainted when looked at the prices. You know I think what do I mean.

Which one should I buy? But I think I wouldn't buy any.

At last, I didn’t buy any shoes there and leave that mall at 3.30 pm. Our next destination was Secret Recipe. Today is my mother’s birthday! Birthday mum! I added RM20 to buy the cake since I gave them wrong price. It’s ok. This cake is for my mother, black forest.

The cake that we chose.

My little bro, Aiman.

Kuantan Megamall.

Then, my dad drove us to Megamall. I wanted to buy a shirt for my class soon. Izzudin and I did survey yesterday and there are a lot of sales. I toured, alone, the shopping area few times just to look for a cheap shirt since I had to buy lot things more. At last, I chose a shirt. Got discount man! But ,there was no shirt of my size. So, I picked up the other pattern as I nearly got cramp, I thought.

I called my sister and brothers and we gathered at the front of a Adidas Boutique. I nearly to pick up one, basketball shoes, but my bruv said that wasn’t his taste. Quickly, he dragged us to the opposite boutique, Nick. At last, he showed me the shoes that he wanted. He tried to convince me to buy it but I refused to buy that one. We left that premise and sat on a bench out. Suddenly, I wanna that one! That Nike shoes. We got back into that store and tried one. My size is 9. I asked the ‘Makcik’ (lol) to get one for me, but, OUT OF STOCK!!! OMG!!!

We returned to the Adidas Boutique again but my dad had arrived to pick us up and we went to take our cake.

At night, we had a small party in exhaustion but happy. We cheered up our mum!

However it is, I followed my mum to town at 9.30 pm and I bought a sport shoes, Line 7.

Thank Allah for Your ‘rezeki’ to my family and me. Alhamdulillah.
and Izzudin thank you for and Izzudin thank you for accopmanying me yesterday me yesterday.

Other things we bought:

4 Responses
  1. haha, enjoy shopping on sales.
    seriously, rase bertuha plak,
    sales skrg n daftar tak lme lg
    bole sbli byk benda.

  2. syamilnazmi Says:

    thank for allah for everything

  3. zeropersona Says:

    Fuh Bestnya engko, ada masa lagi nak gi shopping2.. Huah2 aku lani tgh smbung blaja kat Uiam PJ. Hmm bila fikir2 pasal shopping ni baru aku teringat kasut sports aku dah berlubang nak kena beli baru ler. Huhu tp bila masa lak nak pi beli ni.. tunggu ada sale lah plak kot =<

  4. syafiqq1991 Says:

    to Fariz: bile lagi nak beli... hehe.. kala nanti mau mak bapak aku nak bagi duit..

    t0 Syamil: yea.. ALhamdulillah

    to Zeropersona: Kat kuantan banyak sale.. giler2.. tu yang seronok... nak2 lagi duit aku baru ditambah2 oleh saudara aku.. pi sini dapat 50. sana 100 ... hehehe.. alhamdulillah.. orang belajar rezeki murah.. yeatak?