Unveil the Secret

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Thanks Andyboystudent for listening to me. Here I write more details of the incident.

It was a few days after our junior’s enrolment day. As usually, I was one of the persons who joined a simple ceremony before sleeping, reading Suroh Al-Mulk.

My comrade, on a spur of the moment, arose, aggressively, forcing those who we’re not garbing sarong ( a traditional attire) in praying to stand up right away. He did roar as a hungry lion at them ruthlessly, I guess.

A boy at my front whispered at me, ‘Nobody tells us yet to wear it! Why shall I be blamed?’
Instantaneously, I responded, ‘If you are true, need not to do that.’

My comrade at front went on with his talk and me, as usually, at back, attacking him silently with my bosom buddy (best friend). I rebutted him three matters which led me to the banishment  as there was a person reported to another person who was in charge in that matter. When all of lads of my batch we called for a weekly meeting, a person brought up this case and he attacked me (without saying my name) generally. At first, I did not realize that was me as they changed the things I rebutted before. Nearly all!

Days by days passed and the slander flew out over the school and the banishment started on me. Some looked at me as a murderer and when I passed them, they gossiped me. Seriously, I never minded them all. My principle is simple. If I think that’s amiss (wrong), I will say it's amiss (wrong). I still remembered, I nearly to rebut my principal’s words but lucky me, my mates were there.

My best friends, Majdi, Syamil and Sufri always pacified (calm down) me to be strong as they sympathised me.

I learnt a lot from the banishment. It made me to be prepared in a new place as my target is to study at your motherland (UK). Though till to the end of the year they showed their abhorrence (hatred), I never prayed bad thing for them. And you are right Andyboystudent, we must be valiant to say What do We Want to. Today, the secret is unveiled!

Miss You All Mates!!!

I miss u Pictures, Images and Photos
Basically, I pray you all will fly to your destination abroad to pursue your study. To relate with the issue today, let me say that I miss you all especially ex-Kisasians!! Although we are still in Malaysia, it seems we live in different worlds as difficult to utter hai and chatter with each other.. I just can’t figure out how do I’ll feel or we’ll feel when we are located far in distances all over the globe from the west to the east as I have experienced it !!!
Since the time is dissimilar from one whereabouts to other, it minimizes the possibility we can chat or making a live conference like before.
What do I can voice up here, always update your blog so we can hear some news from you guys! Make Saturday or Sunday as you time to hunt for your mates!!

And for you Daniel, Lewis, Jonny, Rassia, L, D and few more (since I’m still in Malaysia), I hope we still can get chance to talk as what we did before. Miss u all a lot!

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My Graduation Day

It was never was in my thought to put on a robe in getting certificate for my excellent achievement for my SPM in an official ceremony, but I did that yesterday, 23 April, which will be always alive in my mind until my last breath. I was there, in my college, gathered with all my fellow friends who also obtained excellent result. Some were already wearing the robes and some were just holding it. The waves of excitement can be felt not only us but all of our juniors there from our broad smile and story after along time we hadn't met. Every minute, I snapped candid pictures of comrades in their different styles. There was one who imitated Harry Potter in his robe. lol.

What do I want to say here, this day will always inspire me to run faster in gaining next success. To all my friends who didnt get excellent result, remember, dont repeat the mistake done before and take this ceremony as a catalyst to you to step forward again to your target and we can meet you all in our next graduation day.

And you all form 5 students, my juniors, and also my younger brothers. Take this word as a challenge. Can you wear this green robe next year? Can you? Prove to all people around you that you can do it and the above of all, make your father and mother to be happy with you guys! I will always pray for you...

For more pictures click here (MORE PICS)

Inspiring Juniors

Nearly a month we hadn't met, it had caused 23 April 2009 will be the day that we were waiting for to meet again. 23 April was the graduation day for our my school (Islamic College of Sultan Alam Shah). Since I had to go to journey about 5 hours from home to school, I decided to come early Tuesday morning. I met some mates there and we agreed to seek for our teachers who did drive us to our achivement in SPM (Malaysia Education Certificate). At last, without expecting anything more than saying thanks to them, we were invited by Puan Norizan to give speech to our juniors of her classes, so they will be more motivated to sit their examination.

The moderator was Luqman (11 A's)

The speakers were Baihaqi (11A's 1), Naufal (12 A's 1), Che (11 A's 1), Syamil (11 A's), Wawan (11 A's) and me (11 A's) as well .

Baihaqi was sharing his experience in a camp in class 501.

My mates at the end of the forum in class 501 (form left Luqman, Wawan, Syamil, Naufal, Che and Baihaqi)

Here we were in class 509. The focus of our talk was to mould thier confidence in SPM. The reason is they are always thinking that they are in the last class, so they are not putting thier confidence enough to face thier examination. Actually, some students were always gaining excellent result all A 1, including GCE-O from this class.

My secret is simple: in achieving success, putting effort is crucial. It will lead us to success.However, What can I conclude from the talks of my successful comrades is our effort is crucial in obtaining our target!!!


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Just days after the announcement of SPM( Malaysia Education Certificate) result until yesterday, I accepted nearly 10 offers to pursue my study to the next level. Although so, I declined them, all. The first reason is all the institutions are private colleges and universities. Besides that, their offers are not attractive at all.

With my quite excellent result, I dream to study abroad and the destination is UK for aerospace engineering course. That's my vision. The chosen university is Liverpool University which is one of the best universities in UK in aerospace engineering course. People may ask me why must UK? As Russia is the better place to study at for this engineering. My answer is simple. If all people lead their way to Russia, one day we will face a problem; concentration of Russia technology. It causes aerospace industry will expand slow. Instead of that, people who further their study for medic still go to unpopular countries rather than the popular one. So, study place is not a matter.
I went to Mara for an interview and I believe my chance is high to grab the scholarship.

Before waiting for the result for the scholarship, I will drag myself to matrix first. While having nothing to learn about, here is the best place for me to meet lecturers. So, I can widen my frontier of knowledge, the bigger my brain will be.. (lol)

Thank You Mates

thank you Pictures, Images and PhotosAt last, all of my interviews were over and I did pretty great. And Thank you mates as you all did lend me a hand, although you will say 'I had never done it'. As a person who experienced it, I could see the changes that you brought into my life. Through our chats, I now can think in English better. The funniest one was I dreamt a few times in English, the subtitles was Malay Language but I never read it..lol... I never experience it before. And of course I gained a lot of things when making live conversation with you, besides learning new accent as well.

Now, I just have to wait for the result, Mara and Petronas scholarship. Actually I got some offers, more than 6 offers i guess, but i decline them all. Pray that I can pursue my study in UK.

UTP Is A Heaven

I just returned form UTP, Petronas Technology University for Petronas interview. It's absolutely awesome and i had never expected to see the too artistic buildings which most are made up glass. The most impressive one is the library which is named as Information Resourse Centre (IRC). Have you ever imagined a book shelf which is higher than 2 metres? This you still can imagine but how if you a book shelf which is higher than 10 metres? And not one is there but more than 40! Can you imagine that? I was startled when looked at this library from outside and when getting inside lucky I was not faint. Its better I you have your own time with this video. Its is a Heaven.. chancellor.

Dan The Man Duke

It was a great evening, not because I got 1000 pounds from dad or what, but I spend nearly an hour chatting with DANIEL, a British.

I realised that he's a kind boy, just 15, but too friendly. We got a lot of things in common that we never expect. He has brown eyes but mine are dark brown. He loves creating pics and me too. The most unexpected one is his birthdaybcake Pictures, Images and Photos is 4th of Jan and mine is too. I'm not kidding mate!

The day was greater when we spend another hour, in Malaysia was 9.00 pm but in London was afternoon but not sure the time, talking. He taught me Bri accent and I taught him Malay Language. His pronunciation in Malay Language is great for a beginner. And he is a fast learner.

He asked my favor to create his own twin. Here is the pic (Daniel and Dean).


This is the picture of me and .....

Guess which one is me? Hahaha
Both your answers are correct. You know, I'm quite a creative person. I use software: micromedia firework 7 to create graphics. If want to see my twin more, you can ask me through email. If you leave your quest here is ok too. lol. And if you too want to have a twin. Leave your request here. I will get you soon. (better email me)

* Both persons are me! I've no twin at all. Hahaha

Learnt Chinese

You might still remember my friend L(俊伟), a Chinese. I got a simple lesson from him but worth. I never dream that I will learn Chinese yet he was my teacher in that day.

Chinese Character Writing Pictures, Images and PhotosMy lesson (just learnt number):
1=一 2 = 二 3= 三 4=四 5 =五 6 =六 7 =七

He called me and teach me all these... Luckly I still remember all this because he is a great teacher.

* That's why I love making friend...

Happy But Guilty

Last evening I got a message from a weird no, 666777. After reading it, I knew its form Petronas, See full size imagethe biggest oil firm in Malaysia. I surfed the website given and felt shocked as I was the lucky one as was shortlisted for its interview. It is a 2-days camp in UTP, University Teknologi Petronas ( Petronas University Technology, the most advance U in Malaysia ), from 11 April till 12 Arpil, so I can't be online in these days. Sorry to you all guys. Athough I felt sad but happy for this chance to attend this interview.

Petronas Twin Towers. (It's too high into the sky. I've been there few times.)

A great photo of Sauber_Petronas KLCC.jpg

This whole day I felt very guilty, because
I've told lie (one only) to SLIPPERY. It was not a big lie, I just said I've a webcam although I have bought yet.
Sorry sry Pictures, Images and PhotosSLIPPERY,
never meant so. Whole day I felt guilty and even quite difficult to close eyes. Hope he can forgive.

Last night, I got more few friends. The most interesting part was I got my first Italian friend, 38,
PETER. His English command is great. We chatted till late morning, 1.30 am Malaysia. I send him my essays. Hope he read. Then I slept.

An Early Wake

Its 6.15 am. I woke up because I had promised to a Fresco man to have a talk with me, instead he was not online, but SLIPPERY was.

We chatted a lot and I got reading his behavior. He is kind. Too kind. Not easy get a friend as him. He is a British and comes from a rich family. He is also good in giving response. His appearance dragged my thought to my old friend, in last 6 years. Then I never met him again. Tx thanks Pictures, Images and PhotosSLIPPERY.

Then I found again Andystudentboy in friendly room, a chatter box that we always meet. He is cool too. We shared a lot about colours.
He loved orange joma numero 10 Pictures, Images and Photosbut I preferred blueBlueBoot Pictures, Images and Photos.

Suddenly, I got a message. Somebody added me in my yahoo messenger. Who was that? Question stormed in my thought. Oooooooooooooo! The Chinese, L. We chatted a lot and i send my picture to him my pic.

20's, my new great fellow, Liam got a daughter. I asked her daughter's name. Guess what? Courtney. For me, as Malaysian, it sounds great. Courtney will be the bright shinnig sun in Liam's life.

I just learnt a new animal. Not cow (I know that), not sheep. Closed... Lamb.. Lewis told me that and showed me a pic.Lamb 004 Pictures, Images and Photos Its cool.. Any way I like his eyes.
His are blue eyes Pictures, Images and Photos, his eyes are blue
but mine is dark brown only a few Malaysians have it. Most are black. LOL......

My Dedication

Hi...... My name is Syafiqq1991(nickname actually.) This is my dedication to all my friends all over the worldGlobe & Mouse Pictures, Images and Photos... I got idea to create this DEDICATION after meeting a British on net. He is

SLIPPERY (nickname)

He is an awesome mate.
Hope you all my friends can follow me up here. I will tell my life here.. Hopefully can update often.

P/s: Slippery you cheered up my life back after losing my best friend smile Pictures, Images and Photos