An Early Wake

Its 6.15 am. I woke up because I had promised to a Fresco man to have a talk with me, instead he was not online, but SLIPPERY was.

We chatted a lot and I got reading his behavior. He is kind. Too kind. Not easy get a friend as him. He is a British and comes from a rich family. He is also good in giving response. His appearance dragged my thought to my old friend, in last 6 years. Then I never met him again. Tx thanks Pictures, Images and PhotosSLIPPERY.

Then I found again Andystudentboy in friendly room, a chatter box that we always meet. He is cool too. We shared a lot about colours.
He loved orange joma numero 10 Pictures, Images and Photosbut I preferred blueBlueBoot Pictures, Images and Photos.

Suddenly, I got a message. Somebody added me in my yahoo messenger. Who was that? Question stormed in my thought. Oooooooooooooo! The Chinese, L. We chatted a lot and i send my picture to him my pic.

20's, my new great fellow, Liam got a daughter. I asked her daughter's name. Guess what? Courtney. For me, as Malaysian, it sounds great. Courtney will be the bright shinnig sun in Liam's life.

I just learnt a new animal. Not cow (I know that), not sheep. Closed... Lamb.. Lewis told me that and showed me a pic.Lamb 004 Pictures, Images and Photos Its cool.. Any way I like his eyes.
His are blue eyes Pictures, Images and Photos, his eyes are blue
but mine is dark brown only a few Malaysians have it. Most are black. LOL......
3 Responses
  1. L Says:

    the people in the article is me?

    i like blue ,too

    sky blue

  2. syafiqq1991 Says:

    u as me. like blue...

  3. syafiqq1991 Says: