My Graduation Day

It was never was in my thought to put on a robe in getting certificate for my excellent achievement for my SPM in an official ceremony, but I did that yesterday, 23 April, which will be always alive in my mind until my last breath. I was there, in my college, gathered with all my fellow friends who also obtained excellent result. Some were already wearing the robes and some were just holding it. The waves of excitement can be felt not only us but all of our juniors there from our broad smile and story after along time we hadn't met. Every minute, I snapped candid pictures of comrades in their different styles. There was one who imitated Harry Potter in his robe. lol.

What do I want to say here, this day will always inspire me to run faster in gaining next success. To all my friends who didnt get excellent result, remember, dont repeat the mistake done before and take this ceremony as a catalyst to you to step forward again to your target and we can meet you all in our next graduation day.

And you all form 5 students, my juniors, and also my younger brothers. Take this word as a challenge. Can you wear this green robe next year? Can you? Prove to all people around you that you can do it and the above of all, make your father and mother to be happy with you guys! I will always pray for you...

For more pictures click here (MORE PICS)
6 Responses
  1. Raissa Says:

    great pics.

    I'm remembering of my graduation day... I miss my friends from school....

    Boa Sorte ;)

    see ya

  2. syafiqq1991 Says:

    Thank you. and tx also for the pics u send me.. The robes you wore in Brazil is awesome.. you are cute..

  3. ~cik zue~ Says:

    congrates yaa~

    few.. siap bg talk lagi korg..
    mesti cikgu norhizan bangga!

  4. afandi Says:

    tx Cik Zue.. yang penting adik-adik kita yang nak exam tu.. kita dah settle

  5. zeropersona Says:

    I still remember my graduation day, that is the day where we were all reminded for how much effort we had put in in our academics. Hmm I wish I have done better in my academics.

  6. syafiqq1991 Says:

    I wish? why should u wish more? U did it!!