Dan The Man Duke

It was a great evening, not because I got 1000 pounds from dad or what, but I spend nearly an hour chatting with DANIEL, a British.

I realised that he's a kind boy, just 15, but too friendly. We got a lot of things in common that we never expect. He has brown eyes but mine are dark brown. He loves creating pics and me too. The most unexpected one is his birthdaybcake Pictures, Images and Photos is 4th of Jan and mine is too. I'm not kidding mate!

The day was greater when we spend another hour, in Malaysia was 9.00 pm but in London was afternoon but not sure the time, talking. He taught me Bri accent and I taught him Malay Language. His pronunciation in Malay Language is great for a beginner. And he is a fast learner.

He asked my favor to create his own twin. Here is the pic (Daniel and Dean).

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