Unveil the Secret

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Thanks Andyboystudent for listening to me. Here I write more details of the incident.

It was a few days after our junior’s enrolment day. As usually, I was one of the persons who joined a simple ceremony before sleeping, reading Suroh Al-Mulk.

My comrade, on a spur of the moment, arose, aggressively, forcing those who we’re not garbing sarong ( a traditional attire) in praying to stand up right away. He did roar as a hungry lion at them ruthlessly, I guess.

A boy at my front whispered at me, ‘Nobody tells us yet to wear it! Why shall I be blamed?’
Instantaneously, I responded, ‘If you are true, need not to do that.’

My comrade at front went on with his talk and me, as usually, at back, attacking him silently with my bosom buddy (best friend). I rebutted him three matters which led me to the banishment  as there was a person reported to another person who was in charge in that matter. When all of lads of my batch we called for a weekly meeting, a person brought up this case and he attacked me (without saying my name) generally. At first, I did not realize that was me as they changed the things I rebutted before. Nearly all!

Days by days passed and the slander flew out over the school and the banishment started on me. Some looked at me as a murderer and when I passed them, they gossiped me. Seriously, I never minded them all. My principle is simple. If I think that’s amiss (wrong), I will say it's amiss (wrong). I still remembered, I nearly to rebut my principal’s words but lucky me, my mates were there.

My best friends, Majdi, Syamil and Sufri always pacified (calm down) me to be strong as they sympathised me.

I learnt a lot from the banishment. It made me to be prepared in a new place as my target is to study at your motherland (UK). Though till to the end of the year they showed their abhorrence (hatred), I never prayed bad thing for them. And you are right Andyboystudent, we must be valiant to say What do We Want to. Today, the secret is unveiled!
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  1. NaFiS Says:

    hye there...i juz wanna tell u that u've misspelled ur title...It should be Unveil if i'm not mistaken..hehe

  2. afandi Says:

    Yeah.. sorry.. I got prob with spelling since b4... lately for words with ie and ei... due to pronunciation prob.. tx mate

  3. nized Says:
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  4. Anonymous Says:

    why r u so gelabah fendi..huhua

  5. syafiqq1991 Says:

    to NIZED: pe ko merepek?

    to ZAIM: tak gelabah pun.............