Happy But Guilty

Last evening I got a message from a weird no, 666777. After reading it, I knew its form Petronas, See full size imagethe biggest oil firm in Malaysia. I surfed the website given and felt shocked as I was the lucky one as was shortlisted for its interview. It is a 2-days camp in UTP, University Teknologi Petronas ( Petronas University Technology, the most advance U in Malaysia ), from 11 April till 12 Arpil, so I can't be online in these days. Sorry to you all guys. Athough I felt sad but happy for this chance to attend this interview.

Petronas Twin Towers. (It's too high into the sky. I've been there few times.)

A great photo of Sauber_Petronas KLCC.jpg

This whole day I felt very guilty, because
I've told lie (one only) to SLIPPERY. It was not a big lie, I just said I've a webcam although I have bought yet.
Sorry sry Pictures, Images and PhotosSLIPPERY,
never meant so. Whole day I felt guilty and even quite difficult to close eyes. Hope he can forgive.

Last night, I got more few friends. The most interesting part was I got my first Italian friend, 38,
PETER. His English command is great. We chatted till late morning, 1.30 am Malaysia. I send him my essays. Hope he read. Then I slept.
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