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Just days after the announcement of SPM( Malaysia Education Certificate) result until yesterday, I accepted nearly 10 offers to pursue my study to the next level. Although so, I declined them, all. The first reason is all the institutions are private colleges and universities. Besides that, their offers are not attractive at all.

With my quite excellent result, I dream to study abroad and the destination is UK for aerospace engineering course. That's my vision. The chosen university is Liverpool University which is one of the best universities in UK in aerospace engineering course. People may ask me why must UK? As Russia is the better place to study at for this engineering. My answer is simple. If all people lead their way to Russia, one day we will face a problem; concentration of Russia technology. It causes aerospace industry will expand slow. Instead of that, people who further their study for medic still go to unpopular countries rather than the popular one. So, study place is not a matter.
I went to Mara for an interview and I believe my chance is high to grab the scholarship.

Before waiting for the result for the scholarship, I will drag myself to matrix first. While having nothing to learn about, here is the best place for me to meet lecturers. So, I can widen my frontier of knowledge, the bigger my brain will be.. (lol)
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  1. zeropersona Says:

    I'm intrigued by your point of view argument on your places of study preference. Interesting.. Keep blogging. :-)

  2. syafiqq1991 Says:

    Tx... You must have it too.. :P