Inspiring Juniors

Nearly a month we hadn't met, it had caused 23 April 2009 will be the day that we were waiting for to meet again. 23 April was the graduation day for our my school (Islamic College of Sultan Alam Shah). Since I had to go to journey about 5 hours from home to school, I decided to come early Tuesday morning. I met some mates there and we agreed to seek for our teachers who did drive us to our achivement in SPM (Malaysia Education Certificate). At last, without expecting anything more than saying thanks to them, we were invited by Puan Norizan to give speech to our juniors of her classes, so they will be more motivated to sit their examination.

The moderator was Luqman (11 A's)

The speakers were Baihaqi (11A's 1), Naufal (12 A's 1), Che (11 A's 1), Syamil (11 A's), Wawan (11 A's) and me (11 A's) as well .

Baihaqi was sharing his experience in a camp in class 501.

My mates at the end of the forum in class 501 (form left Luqman, Wawan, Syamil, Naufal, Che and Baihaqi)

Here we were in class 509. The focus of our talk was to mould thier confidence in SPM. The reason is they are always thinking that they are in the last class, so they are not putting thier confidence enough to face thier examination. Actually, some students were always gaining excellent result all A 1, including GCE-O from this class.

My secret is simple: in achieving success, putting effort is crucial. It will lead us to success.However, What can I conclude from the talks of my successful comrades is our effort is crucial in obtaining our target!!!
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  1. Amboi..

    apasal letak gambo ak besar sangat..
    tak bisa dibuatnye..

  2. afandi Says:

    ala gambar yang atas tu lagi besarll huhuhuuhu