Firstly, I am glad to obtain a just good result for my first exam. I passed the cut point: 35 points. Alhamdulillah. It is quite an achievement for me since I had spent my times mostly for the CAS SERVICE at KISAS during my exam week when others were struggling for the exam. However, I did manage my time properly and, of course, I prayed to Allah; sth that I will never forget.

Actually, this is as if co-curricular activity for IB students. My plan is I want to fill up my service first, so I didn’t mind to sacrifice my exam for this, besides I might not come to KISAS anymore.
These are the pictures…

Some of the participants with faci’s

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The genius!

My Khalidian!

My ex-mentor and I! He was my mentor when I was drowning in AddMATHS!


There were the panels! Azim, Che, Anas, and Aisyah.

A bit boring, so watching!

Balloons to be exploded.

Impatient boys with the balloons!

Look at their behaviour! A bits childish sometime! Its ok!

First wet boy!

Biawak Buaya!

Giggle louder BOY!

There are more pictures in the second week but I don’t have it yet! Its ok. Meet u all in success ok! Hope can witness ur glory day next year at KISAS! SPM result announcement. And Good luck for SPM. I will always pray for you all! chill up guys!