Pizza Nut!!!!!

Food? Food? This word is really popular among my friends in KISAS. The reason is they truly love to eat food from a stall, Wak Kanang, at the side of our hostel. Nearly, every night, there would be some of them would go there to buy food for themselves and comrades. They were nut with the food! But I was not one of them as I was nut with pizza. Yea, pizza!!!!

During the examinations days, SPM, my roommates and I always called Domino pizza. Not the small one we ordered, not the large one neither, but the extra large one, 15 inches. That’s tremendously huge!!! The price? Emmm.. Need not to tell here. What do I can say here, based on Muhammad's calculation, my roommate, a week we eat 3 pizzas. Yummy! Who were my roommates? They were Syamil, Muhammad, and Nafis. Want to believe or not, Syamil was really obsessive with pizza. But I was the worst. Quite hundred of ringgits I spend for pizzas in the end of the year.

The hardest time about pizza was how to bring it into my room silently, without anybody’s realization (hahaha)

With whom I ate pizza?
Syamil, Muhammad, Nafis, Miss Norhisyam and classmate, Amir(Pizza Hut), Majdi, and more…
My juniors: Qhutam Akif, Akif Zulkornain, Azri, Aiman Basun, Hafiz, Shahirm, Tamim and more…

Here are the pictures. But actually there are a lot more but I don’t know where are the pictures now. And Nafis, I am sorry as I can’t find your picture at all.

In my room in Ali Block. Muhd was the one who took pic.

Look at Adib's face.. lol. Nafis was not around at this time. Sorry man...

Emmm... Yummy!!!

Who is this boy?

This picture was taken for our farewell. I Miss you guys!! Forgot to take picture for Azri's birthday party. Once again we ate Domino Pizza. :P

I ate at Pizza House Restaurant.

Amir, I miss this moment. We discussed about our plan after SPM. Remember?

Two of the pizzas that we ordered.

However it is,

I miss Domino Pizza!!!

16 Responses
  1. syamilnazmi Says:

    DO I really obsessive to the pizza ...hmmmm yes actually I miss eating pizza with you and our rommmates

  2. syafiqq1991 Says:

    I am too... I miss pizza.. huhuhu

  3. syara Says:

    hah.tgn sape y gamb0 1st uh..trus capai air belum makan pizza..dah tercekik..hak3

  4. AxL VoGa Says:

    this is absolutely obsessive disorder in pizza!! HAHA!!

  5. syafiqq1991 Says:

    To Syara:
    entahle apa mslah budak tu.. dah le capai air. dalam thermos plak tu. air panas!!!.. huhu.. nak tau tak sapa tu? (Rahsia)

  6. syafiqq1991 Says:

    to Che:

    Sorry le.. I forgot to take medicine during this season. huhu.... But until now I am still addicted...

  7. amiR muJahiD Says:

    gambarku terpampang kat post Fendi...
    pasal Pizza lak tu...
    aku x addicted sgt k...

  8. EmberPen Says: and pizza...
    how long has it been after my last time eating pizza? 6months? lol!! too long!!
    lets buy them again! slurrrp yummy!!
    jemput makan sume!

  9. syafiqq1991 Says:

    to Amir:
    Lucky no pimples on that pic ok.. I edited the pic.. But I miss the heyday.. huhu

    to Muhd:
    6 months? too long man! Every time I go there, I will buy domino. Either I use my money or my bro (junior) will sponsor for us, for our reunion. huhhu....

  10. gila pizza nak mampos...hahaha

    aku berjimat...beli NGTD sudeyhh..

  11. syafiqq1991 Says:

    to Ruh... :

    Better keep myself behind the fences rather than being over the fences.

    Better being nut with pizza rather than making teachers nut to chase after u!!!

  12. syafiqq1991 Says:

    satu lagi.. aku tak makan bodekan ko tu.. aku vote ko bukan sebab ko komen kat blog aku, tapi sebagai musuh ketat ko tau tak!!!

  13. LoQo Says:

    sedap gilerrrrrrr....

  14. syafiqq1991 Says:

    sorry le luqman..tak sempat nak ajak ko... sorry

  15. nyum2!!
    sdap nye!!
    blnje ak!!
    hahaha =P

  16. syafiqq1991 Says:

    blanja ko? ko le belanja aku.. harap gaji je banyakk