If I Am Free

This a story that I found in a web. Hope you all will enjoy reading it..

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Holding firmly a dark brown wrapped glass bottle in his left hand, Shawn yells strongly in pain till can be heard in the next few houses. He has gulped a liquid in the bottle a little and now he is suffering. He staggers a few inches forward, trying to reach a portrait on a wall in his living room, and his vision is getting blur and he feels truly dizzy. Tightly clutching his throat with his both hands and the bottle glides down from his hand, broken into pieces. Then, he collapses on a rocking chair, falls down on the floor, crawls and his fingers are scratching the floor. He is committing suicide.
Why he is mad? A short question clouds in my thoughts. Why he did so? Once again, a question storms in my confused mind.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Somebody is at the front door.

‘Open the door! Shawn! Open!’ A loud shrilling female voice is heard, urging Shawn to open the door but, actually, it is unlocked. That is Sherry. For Shawn, she is a special person in his life. Because of no response, she opens the door and dashes into the living room. Startled, her eyes are on Shawn who is lying on the floor. Quickly, by leaps and bounds, she gets him.

‘I-I-I-’m sorry Shawn, it’s really my fault. I-I-I never mean to do so!’ Sherry wails. It is getting worse after she realised a lot of small bubbles.

Just now, Shawn went to meet Sherry at her work place, a restaurant which is situated 25 metres from Shawn dwelling. He invited Sherry to sit with him because he had something to tell her and it seemed to be quite important for him. So, Sherry sat on the opposing chair. She felt pretty anxious with Shawn’s strange behavior as since their first meeting on the last seven years, he was never being too serious.

Shawn removed something from his pocket and showed it to Sherry. He knelt and said ,‘Would you marry me?’

‘Are you mad?’ frowning, she replied loudly in surprise.

Her eyes showed her anger. Everybody was staring at them both in the restaurant, some of them were clapping their hands. Shawn was exactly surprised with her reaction and she was truly surprised with his action. Shawn thought Sherry loved him but she thought Sherry was out of mind. Then, she slapped him, just nice on his left cheek, in public. A wave of shame went over him. He was dreadfully in a big disappointment as seven years he waited for this time. After that, he quickly left the restaurant.

‘Shawn! Wake up!’ Sherry cries to Shawn whose head is on her lap but it is too late. He is dead. Tears stream swiftly from her eyes and she feels terribly lost.

I know that Shawn loved her more than himself and I do learn that Sherry loves him, but due to her shyness, she rejected harshly his propose. Everyday, Shawn would stare at the portrait on the wall about an hour. It is Sherry’s portrait. Shawn was mad of her. If he could not win her heart, he believed his life is valueless because he got cancer and he only could survive a few weeks more. Winning her love is the only thing he hoped. Sherry is also like that. She loves him as well. She has a picture of him and she puts it one in her purse. What can I do? I am just a little bird in a steel cage. I only can see and do nothing. If I am free, I am sure that I can help them and other people as well. And, of course, Shawn would be the happiest man in this world if knowing that Sherry loves him.

3 Responses

  1. EmberPen Says:

    it sounds silly.
    but, then again, single-minded humans always do it.
    it is quite sad anyway. i'll give it a 6/10 rating for the story.hehe....

  2. syafiqq1991 Says:

    Yeah Muhd.. Of course u will for not having ability to write a story with two tenses. :P huhuh... kidding.. This story i just good. That's all..