US vs UK! Where Should I Go to?

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It is never in my cloudy thoughts to acquire a scholarship from Petronas because I did not get any call from them as some of my friends got a call (though I believe and confident can get it). They asked me, a few times, either I got any call from Petronas or not. I did not get any call, so, of course I did not get the scholarship. (What a bloody and creepy question!!) Then, they, Arif and Hissam, forced me to check the result in the midst of the mysterious night. I was reluctant to do it, so, I asked Arif to checkit out. Alhamdulillah, I GOT IT!

Name: Ahmad Afandi Bin Suhaimi
Course: Geophysics
Country: US

Nevertheless, I want go to UK but not US. Now, my parents force me to take this scholarship and ignore the other scholarship (but I do not get the result yet. . lol) Oh Gosh!!!! What should I do?

There are a few reasons why I want to go to UK.
1. I love engineering. (really??)
2. It’s my dream to be there. (yeah! This is a fact!)
3. I love British accent. (Harry Potheaaad... LOL)
4. I have a lot of acquaintances there.
5. I am doing my preparation myself to be there by learning their culture and accent ect.. (but I’m doing TOEFL. Lol..)
6. And I have promised to Arthur (my comrade from French) to meet in UK since he is doing his A-level to study abroad, England.

But what can I gain if taking the scholarship to US
1. One of the best educations in the world.
2. Working with Petronas is such a golden opportunity. (the salary is *****)
3. Money currency. Dollar US is not as expensive as Pound Sterling. (My dad wanna me buy a mercedes car there. I can drive to lecture too.. lol)
4. Firdaus Izraee will be there soon.
5. I got friends there but not as many in UK. (From all walks of life)

~But I luv British accent rather than US accent, though both are cool ~

So guys, what should I do? Emmmm… HELP me m8!!!
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p/s * S'il vous plaît, aidez-moi! Mes parents veulent que je me rende des US!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    you should take this scholarship

  2. syafiqq1991 Says:

    شمل: شكرا لك
    وتهنئةلك.أرحب في السعودية جزيره العرب

    To bai:
    I will think the best.. may be my parents' first... eeeeemmmmmm pray for me too...

  3. say no to US,
    swine flu laaa!!!!~~~

  4. syara Says:

    pilih lokal hahahha

  5. syafiqq1991 Says:

    to Saifullah:

    How dare u!??! But better you remind to Firdaus Izraee. He will be there first and you beloved classmate.

    to syara:
    Local? eeeeeeemmmm. Why should I waste the human capital potential that I have? I want to contribute to motherland by obtaining new techno for us..

  6. NaFiS Says:

    no need 2 rush my fren...
    u shouldn't think whether u like it or not..u should think which one is better 4 u..

    Not all the things that we thought they are good, are good 4 us...
    and not all the things that we thought they are bad, are bad 4 us..

    so..make a wise decision...

  7. Arthur Says:

    Hey my friend !

    You know, I think you’re on a wrong way. You shouldn’t be hopeless or anything like this, you’d rather should be so proud and so happy being able to study abroad --> that’s a so interesting and enhanciving experience ; don’t forget that you’re lucky and many people would like being able to do as you, to be able to study in a foreign country.

    Then, about the choice you have to make between USA or England ( maybe u know that french people r always cartooning english, but if we would have to choose, we most of the time prefer English than American --> their food isn’t as horrible as the american one, and they have a kind of style which is unmistakably better than the US one (what we call “le flegme britannique” = the british composure [ i’m at the same time improving your french vocabulary, lol ] ), ah ! one of our former politician said about USA: “ the United States are the only country which has passed from barbarity to decadence without having the stage of civilization” ( A. Thiers) ... nice isn’t it ?!? lol )

    Well, if I stop joking, you have to do your own choice ( and even if it’s hard to make them understanding this, it’s not your parents’ one ... ). About what we promise each other, don’t be afraid of that, my first goal about u is your hapiness and your success (moreover when you are a great scientist, you’ll be able to travel in Europe and visit England and, why not ?, France ;-) ).
    But to choose the better university, look for some information on the net or with your former teachers, maybe they can help you ... Moreover, look for the “Shangai classification”, or other ones, maybe it can help you too ...

    Then, once you have all the information u need, you’ll be able to make your own choice in full knowledge.

    Choice aren’t so easy, but it’s what make us responsible and free !

    [ some french words ? --> Les choix ne sont pas faciles, mais ce sont eux qui nous rendent responsables et libres ]

  8. syafiqq1991 Says:

    to Nafis:
    Thnx for that! You are right! I hv to make a wise decision. THnx

  9. syafiqq1991 Says:

    To Arthur: merci..
    I will remember your words.

    Les choix ne sont pas faciles, mais ce sont eux qui nous rendent responsables et libres

    I will do a wise decision. Hope can meet you however it is..
    THNX.. :P

  10. m.shukri Says:

    i think you should choose based on scholarship and working opportunities..and petronas has a promising working opportunities with a satisfying income...

    Just think your best..

  11. syafiqq1991 Says:

    Mr Shukri.. U r right.. But I have to pacify my heart first... My focus is UK. I did preparation a lot to go there.I downloaded a lot of podcast. I ransacked BBC webs. Searching mates from there and learning their accent too.. It takes time for me to change my decision.. But I am certain I think..

    Pray for my success ok!!


  12. EmberPen Says:

    peace bro.
    you know, i got news that the americans are currently treating people from middle east like the blacks before then. so i advice you not to go for now, unless you wanna share the same fate. coz we look typically the same as them, the arabians.
    wateva it is, you should (i mean, you must!!) wait for the rest of your results and compare, unless its a race of time. anyway, if you go later, maybe we can go together coz im thinking of taking my masters there in management.
    make your choice, dude.
    after all, we are debaters.

  13. syafiqq1991 Says:

    Oh muhd.. Not as that bad! My friends there are waiting for me.. lol.. Some muslims (Arabians)and Americans (from all walks of life)..

    That's the challenge that I hv to face. Don't you realize that I did prepare myself when I was in KISAS? I tried to create a new group by putting myself alone... Then I built a new group.
    So thanks to KISASIANS again.. Though ............(better not tell)......

    I believe one thing that the challenges that I will face is set well by Allah..
    I will remember ur words.. We do master together then.

    and we are debaters? should be are or were? lol.. chucked by ***********....

  14. Anonymous Says:

    First: Congrate!

    Second: Nape asyik the matter of accent je ko nih? It's not always about the accent lol..
    With the current economy meltdown, U should think about the working opportunites.. Petronas is kind of promising choices.. but still, it's u who is going to decide.

    Third: Gud Luck!

  15. syafiqq1991 Says:

    to Dilasolace: Have u heard people are nut with soccer? Because the luv it. They will do anything for it (including 'fly' to Wak Kanang). And I, I luv languages, for English, I luv British accent.

    Today is the day that I have to choose a too difficult decision between left or right,up or down, like or dislike, hate or love, today or future.

    I will,not, never be as Ramadi (Looking for rain god) who did a such big mistake without putting sense as the land which he has to walk on it. I am certain now to make who am I as the balance for this decision. I am a servant, servant of God. Thinking again, it is better if I go to a place that not only me can get the benefit but other people as well. I can contribute to my people, my country and Islam.

    And I think, about the accent, I still can learn it after finishing my study.. lol..

    'There are times when a battle decides everything, and there are times when the most insignificant thing can decide the outcome of a battle'

    Merci adilah

  16. Annas Alias Says:

    for me, you must choose the one that you are most interested with because in the end of the day, you will have to study the subjects that you like, not the place, right? so, for me, interest is no one!! after all, that's just my opinion....

  17. syafiqq1991 Says:

    ok.. annas..

    'in the end of the day'( cam leh kenal je ayat sapa ni)..

    You know that, we never learn the subjects that we are going to take in U. We just learnt the basics.

    But, Lucky me, as I luv study. lol.. because I am the man of love... loll.. Thnx. I will keep you word. Put ur interest at the front.

  18. Raissa Says:

    Hello there,

    well, I think you should choose what's best for you...

    Just don't let your parents choose for you. It's ur life, not theirs...

    Good luck

  19. syafiqq1991 Says:

    You are right Raissa.. I am the one who to study but not them..

    I will weigh ur thought.

  20. zeropersona Says:

    Congrats on getting the scholarship. Why should you feel sad getting this scholarship but of course when people will always hesitate when choosing between two choices which could change their life forever. When one are trap in these kind of situation always pray for the best. Good luck =>

  21. syafiqq1991 Says:

    Zeropesona: Thnx.. U r really understanding me.