“[U] dummy..” ?

I think I don’t have to ask as everyone understands what it means. Implicitly it means you are DUMB! But, what will you feel if your friend say “ u dummy ” or in other words, ‘You are DUMB!’ after showing your stupidity in spelling a word. And the friend is him who you respect the most, he is who you don’t feel comfortable with his attitude but you defend him when people disparage his attitude (sometimes), an the worst thing is after you politely express your uneasiness him but he does seek for apology, or he even does not obliterate of what he has done? Ask yourself! Is this a friend?

Give me space to reflect on it too.

But I still say that he is an ilk of friends. Although I do feel vehemently aggravated of his words, patience plays ‘his’ role here. If I want to disseminate his blaspheme, so that his blaspheme will degrade himself, I can do it facilely. But I have told you, patience plays ‘his’ role here. He is still my friend :P

(*I believe he must be be saying (now): “U dummy”. I never thought you are my friend.)
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