CONGRATULATION to all 2009 SPM candidates as all of you did better than 2008 candidates. For those who passed with flying colours you have just embarked on new journeys and those who did not acquire as what they hoped this is not the end. ‘Tawakkal’ to Allah. This is what He decided to us. This year 8 students got all a’s +. And a special congratulation is to Fakrul Radzi who defeated Oscar winner today since all reporters were after for him. He got 8 a’s + and 3 a’s . But, find out yourself in newspaper why he was such an artist!

And thank Yati for you camera :) .

Although my brother in Kuantan just got 2 a’s, for me that’s good enough. As he got far more than his what he attemped. And I believe that he has potential to excel in future if he works harder since he is clever but just lazy.

In the morning, suddenly, my instinct said that Akif got one B. I didn't know why. But which Akif? I tried to deny it but I couldn't. ' Don't think as that bad if u r a still angry with him,' I pacified myself. To forget it, I chatted with others. What can I say that's a fact. Although Qutham and Akif just got 10 a's, I am still proud of them. That's all rezeki. And Aiman Halid this is not the end ok! Your future is still bright! And Radhi, thax for the sms. :)

From the event I learnt one important thing that I have always told people but I think I don’t really practise it. I advised my juniors to tawakkal for their results and I experienced 2 important incidents within these 2 days that really challenged my tawakkal.

I believe that all of you know how crucial it is a handphone. Yesterday’s night, I went to i-City as people say that it is really beautiful . Yes. Undeniable. It is damp beautiful! It is like town of light. All trees are made up of lights from different vibrant colours from your left to right. When I was too absorbed by the lights, suddenly, I dropped my phone in the middle of the town after walking about an hour. The worst was I realised it after walking to car to return home. I was tremendously out of idea what should I do, and I didn’t know where should I begin to find the phone. I said to myself, ‘ Tawakkal. If the phone is meant for me, I will get it back or get a new one’. I called my phone and Alhamdulillah somebody found it and return it to me.

The second was at my school (not KISAS ok). I took all trouble to get a camera to KISAS and to go to KISAS. Alhamdulillah, everything was perfect until I returned to school. I transferred all the pictures, and it was perfectly done! So, I deleted the pictures from my memory card permanently. As, I rechecked the folder where I transferred my pictures at KISAS my lecturer had run into class as he was late, then I realized that I deleted all the pictures in the SPM announcement ceremony. I looked at the recycle bin but it was empty! OMG!!!! I nearly dropped my tears. The great sadness engulfed me. All the pictures were gone! However, the lecturer was ready at front to teach, so I had no choice except to return to my seat. It was the first time which only my body in the class as I kept thinking what I had done when my lecturer was standing in front of me giving his lecture. I lost all the pictures which all people want it! But I said, it is ok. ‘bukan rezeki. Nak buat macam mana. Tawakkal le kala ade kat folder mane2 ade letu.’ Before leaving our class, the lecturer gave us an assignment, but , then, I quickly ran back to see my pictures. I checked it again. No pictures were in my thumbdrive. BUT! OMG! I checked the wrong file! Alhamdulillah, there pictures were safe.

And guys, I will upload the pictures at school as soon as possible. Hv tones of works to be done. Be patient ok :P .
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  1. E-ZuDiN Says:

    tq for all the compliments you gave to our batch.. u r really supportive and we will all remember u as one of us!

  2. Arigatou gozaimasu!!!
    detik+ketika tersebut bagi pengajaran kpd saya...

    good luck utk abg gak...InsyaAllah

  3. Anonymous Says:

    thanx sbb amik berat psl kiteorg...kami sgt2 hargainya....

    to you my senior,
    gud luck in whateva u done!!!