Next Generation in KISAS

Aaah...(sigh) Very tired as I just have returned from KISAS to enroll my sister there, and she is my next generation in KISAS. Euphoric - that was what I felt when being there. I did miss KISAS very much and I do believe that you are as well! I met G-man, Asroy, Musyid, and Farid and they are all KPs (who i felt doubtios of thier qualification.. lol). The best part was I got a chance to meet, chat, and share my epxerience with them and some of the teachers. My juniors also shared something with me. One of Khadilians said Khalidians have planed something for juniors so that they can be moulded holistically. It sounds great but I dont know what is it. It is ok as I will always visit KISAS and I can catch up the latest news there. Anyway, my sister is a Thariqian. I didn't ask help of Ustaz Zainal to list her name in Khalid as she deserves to start herlife here by her own way. Let she get her chance! Besides, brothers' of some of our 'batch' also got to study here as Farid's and Fadhil's. Others' I forgot. Sorry.

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