I confess that I fell vehemently remorseful to what I have done. But, is it wrong to rebuke my brother for this own good? Is it wrong?

After pondering deeply, I did email him, commenting his doings, which i felt tremendously uneasy, though people might say it is nothing, yet the action did anger me. The email that I send reflected my rage which empowered me thoroughly.

And, of course, as teens, they don't want to be scolded, berated, admonished, etc....... for what ever reasons. I think this is my fault for not understand them.

Now, I realise that I was wrong for being too harsh, brusque, cynical, irritating, annoying, scornful, etc...... to him. I was defeated by my red alarming rage! Supposedly, I shouldn't hurt his feeling. Does it mean I am a cruel, boisterous? And am I wrong to scold him once?
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