It is not too early or too late to express my 'congrate' to all friends and brothers who have just complemented thier SPM or nearly done it. You all have victoriously climbed up over the zenith (peak) of the journey and now on the way to climb down for harversting.

During these holidays, I suggest using it wisely. Don't be like me, I did waiste most of my time - sleeping, eating, sleeping.... lol.. Those who can afford to take lisence, it's better now. Those who want to gain experience in working realm, why dont now. To be more optimistic, those who dream to study abroad why dont you all prepare yourselves for the english test which is compulsory. Then, you dont have to struggle too much during ur preparation years!So, prepare yourselves with firm grammar basis. What's the different between 'try doing' this and 'try to do this'? Is there any nuance (difference) ? Yes, but too little.

The uppermost advice is don't forget to pray for your SPM result. All effort you have put and now tawakkal to Allah.
May Allah bless u!
3 Responses
  1. huh...kta pn da staon abes SPM
    sume da dalam jalan masing2..
    ap2 pn perlu diingatkn kt adik2 nie..
    istiqamah dengan amalan kebaikan yg dilakukan..

  2. syafiqq1991 Says:

    Ye ke ARIF???? huhuhuhuhuu

  3. ye laa..itu yg sepetutnya...
    pesan jgn diikut jalan abg2 & kakak2 diorg yg gagal dlm istiqamah kt dunia luar nih...itu perkara yg sgt menyedihkan...