Week of Events…

A lot of things I had experienced last week. Losing a friend is one of them which I had never expected before. Moreover, I am not ready yet to face it.

My roommate, Weh Kiat, had left me since he is avid with his medic. So, he turned his way around, continuing his A-level. You know, he is more than a friend for me. First, I knew that he was the first person who greeted in me in Petronas interview. His blue shirt is still vivid in my mind. Then we met here. He was really forthcoming. We were very close. His leaving, gave a big impact to me. In this school, he was my reference. He lent his hand a lot as what others roommate does. I miss him terrible as I never put a barrier in making friend! No matter what is your skin colour?! No matter what is your race?! No matter what is your religion?! Friend is still a friend..

Then, I met Bro Anis, my senior. I walked out of my class suddenly i spotted a crowd and i saw sombody who was familiar but I couldnt remember. Out of a sudden, his name flew over my head. I called him. He picked up his phone. So that's really Bro Anis.LOL. He was really different in picture. He was smart and handsome as if a new teacher. His purpose that day was to check for his IB points. Bro, I will pray for you success. You can do it!!!!

The next event was camping. 3 days 2 nights I had spent with all IB students and a few teachers in Gopeng. The activities here were too very exciting and adventurous. Expect the unexpected!!! We build a mud house in the first day. The best part of it was throwing mud to people. Miss Harjit, you were lucky for not really being our victim. LOL. In the great exhaustion, though we rested for few hours, we went up to the pick of a hill (not climbing) to a river. For what? For whitewater rafting!! It was incredibly awesome. The members of group of mine were Mr. Sure (bio teacher), Azlan, Ellin, and Hanna (Montana. LOL). Two of us drawn. It was OK since the place is safe enough to drown. LOL.

In the first night, I don’t know why, I dreamt about my best friend, Ahmad Afdhal Firti. We were happy got a chance to meet again after for a long time. But he was nearly dead in big flood. Alhamdulillah, he was safe.

A lot of things events I had experienced last week but I have to be ready for my test tomorrow. So, that’s all friends. Peace be upon u.

3 Responses
  1. EmberPen Says:

    many events. get going dude! rock on!
    me? well, im not trying to adapt to the situation, but more like trying to influence the situation. coz so many potentials here are kept dormant, so i need to do something.
    all da best!

  2. syafiqq1991 Says:

    If u are strong enough u will influence ur surrounding.. But look and see how far it's. You have the potential in doing so but what influence that u wanna bring is the matter right now... Pray that the right influence...

  3. THE ARIF Says:

    nasihat aku kepada petronas scholar di sri kdu:
    -jangan terleka sangat dengan kebebasan yang ada.
    - elakkan diri daripada masalah couple.
    - pandai2 bahagikan masa anda.
    - jangan leka sangat dengan internet.
    - pastikan IA anda semua berkualiti dan kalau boleh jangan hiraukan sangat dengan deadline IA sekolah kerana apa yang penting sekali adalah kualiti IA itu sendiri dan ingatlah bahawa IA itu membawa markah yang banyak untuk final.
    - Jangan takut untuk berselisih pendapat dengan cikgu. Mereka tak semestinya betul.
    - Jangan terlalu bergantung kepada cikgu. Be independent. Belajar sendiri. Buat kerja sendiri. Jangan tunggu orang ketuk baru nak buat.
    - Jangan cuba untuk ponteng sekolah.
    - Kalau boleh, habiskan CAS hours secepat mungkin.
    - Ambil masa untuk relaks, lepak Cineleisure dan OU. (tapi jangan selalu). 2-3 minggu sekali OK la.
    - Jangan pandang rendah terhadap semua subjek IB. Memang pada mulanya nampak mudah, tetapi di pertengahan mungkin anda akan jumpa satu kesusahan.

    - Kalau ada apa2 kesusahan, saya sedia membantu. Terutamanya dalam bidang akademik.